Thursday 29 March 2018

11 year old muppet

It is Smallest’s 11th birthday tomorrow and for weeks I have been asking him what type of cake would he like.  Last week he suddenly decided he wanted a Muppet Cake.  Not much time to prepare or plan but I had one evening of looking at Muppet cakes and Muppet images.

Today I had a feee day and just got on with it.  Using a new recipe (OMG soooo good and very easy), I made a chocolate sandwich cake, some little teeny tiny muffins and a random pie mould with the leftovers (you never know when you need that extra bit of cake, even if it’s only to have with your tea!).

I then set about making Muppet faces which I planned to put on the mini muffins.  My first one was Animal as I had plenty of red and pushed the fondant through a garlic grater.

Next I tried Miss Piggy, Beaker and Kermit.  I wasn’t completely happy with Kermit and sent photos through to Huffle, working upstairs who gave me constructive critism.  I made an extra Kermit and made the original one a bit slimmer and gave him a collar.

My two favourite muppets to make were the old men.  There was so much detail fit in such a little
space but I loved it.

I made the science man but didn’t have any black so the glassses were a bit rough.  Huffle made me a quick sandwich while I made a scrummy chocolate fudge butter icing for the main cake and then I went out to find black fondant and candles.

The Muppet Smallest likes most is Rowlf so I tried to make the big cake look like him.  It’s not perfect but I think he’ll be happy.  I used my extra bit of cake for the floppy ears and drizzled dark chocolate over it to make it look more scraggy.

The little cakes were added with the candles.  Ta daaaa.


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pearshapedcrafting said...

This must have been a really Happy Birthday! How fabulous your Muppet creations are! Hope you all had a Happy Easter too! Chrisx