Minion Knitting Pattern
3 1/4mm needles

Y = yellow
B = blue
K = Knit
P = Purl
Inc = Increase
(no) = how many stitches you should have

Cast on 6sts in Yellow
R1.  Inc each stitch (12)
R2.  Purl
R3.  Inc 1, K1 to end (18)
R4.  Purl this and every alternate row till Row 8
R5.  Inc 1, K2 to end (24)
R7.  Inc 3, K3 to end (30)
R8 - 18.  St st (to make taler Minion's add more rows here)

R19.  YK5, BK3, YK12, BK3, YK7
R20.  YP4, BP3, YP3, BP3, YP6, BP3, YP3, BP3, YP2
R21.  BK2, YK9, BK6, YK9, BK4
R22.  BP4, YP9, BP6, YP9, BP2
R23.  BK2, YK9, BK6, YK9, BK4
Change to blue
R24 - 27 St st
R28.  Knit 2 tog, K3 to end (24)
R29.  Purl this and every alternate row to R34
R30.  K2 tog, K2 to end (18)
R32.  K2 tog, K1 to end (12)
R34.  K2 tog to end (6)
R35.  Cast off purlwise

Make 2  Yellow with black
Cast on 3 stitches in yellow
st st for 11 rows (or more if a taller Minion)
Change to black
Inc each st (6)
P next row
K2 tog to end (3)
Cast off purlwise

Make 2.  Black
Cast on 3 stitches
st st 3 rows
Pull wool through stitches and secure

Sew body together and stuff.
Sew arms on just under overall armhole
Sew feet on bottom
Thread black wool through head for hair and secure
I oversewed the eyes and glasses and mouth

******  I am happy for you to make this and would love to see what yours looks like.  Please mention me if blogging about it and do not hesitate to let me know if there are any mistakes in my pattern.