I love messing around with icing. I always liked playing with playdoh and plastercine, so for me this was the next step. Giving life to a piece of icing is wonderful. It is very theraputic (as long as you have enough time and patience) and makes a plain, simple cake that much more special. I never quite know what I am going to do next. But if someone asks me to make something, then I'll certainly always have a go. They may not be perfect but I certainly have fun creating them.




Patrick (SpongeBob)
Sponge Bob's Pineapple
Sponge Bob Quare Pants (without legs)
Mr Crabs (Sponge Bob)

Gary (Sponge Bob)
Soft Toys on Armchair
George (Peppa Pig)
James (Thomas Tank)
Little Kitty
Snowman Blue Scarf
Snowman Red Scarf
Christmas Tree on Icing
Ben 10
Bride and Groom
Racing Car
Baby in Nappy
Flowery Lettering
Teddy Bears' Picnic
Thomas in Tunnel

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