Cakes by Famfa

My Mum always made my birthday cakes as I was growing up. Some of them masterpieces and some less so, but it inspired me. When I had children of my own, I set myself a challenge to make all their birthday cakes and I think I'm getting better at it.
Now I make cakes for other people too. Proper homemade cakes, not professional, just yummy tasting and fun.

Chocolate fudge moose
Castle Cake
Tractor Cake
Dragon Cake
Pingu Penguin Igloo Cake
George Pig Cake
Victoria Sponge Cake
Mickey Mouse Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cookie Monster
Thomas the Tank Cake
Iced Flower Cake
Peppa Pig Cake
Racing Car Cake
Pirate Ship Cake
Cinderella Cake
Belle Princess Cake
Cinderella Princess Cake

Ben 10 Cake
Individual Christmas Cakes
Spongebob Square Pants Beach Cake
Iced 40 Cake
Pirate Cake
Girls Pingu Penguin Igloo Cake
Sheep Cake
Iced Flower Cake
Hello Kitty Cake
Chocolate Chocolate Cake
Malteser and White Malteser Cake
Elmo & Cookie Monster Cake
Teddy Bears Picnic Cake
Simple white iced one layer wedding cake
Chocolate Chocolate Cookie Monster
Super Mario Bros
SpongeBob Square Pants Cake
The Cookie Monster

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Anonymous said...

These cakes are so very creative & original too! I ENJOYED your adventures in knitting a tea pot cozy lololol. I like to knit and our eldest son & family live in Yorkshire. WE're American but Ben ( our son) married a British gal, Vee. Ben asked me to knit them a teapot cozy but I have no clue where to begin! that's why I found your experience so amusing! Thank-you, Marti Dunning