Monday, 30 January 2012

Meet Me On a Monday #5/12

  Well hello.  How are you today?  Come and join in with MMOM over at

So what have I been up to or what have I got planned?

Running.  Have just been for my first run since moving here.  Boy it's cold.  And I don't just mean on your face, legs etc.  I mean on your lungs.  Breathing in -4 hurts.  I think I need to learn a different way of breathing.  I only managed 25 minutes but it was up and down hill with snow and ice so I don't think it was too bad for a first effort for many months.  Will try and fit this in to my routine every week now.  There I've said it now and I'm sure you'll tell me if I slack off.

Eating Gales Lemon Curd.  Because the lovely Mrs B bought me some fromthe British shop.  She's a star.  Oh how I missed you Lemon Curd.

Hosting a pay it forward giveaway here which will be drawn on the 20 February 2012.  Why not pop along and comment for a chance to win something handmade by me.

Pif giveaway

Knitting a bag.  I won some bag handles from The Felt Fairy and I had two ideas that's was trying to work with but then I came a Ross a knitting pattern last night for what I was looking for.  So now I have three bags on the go, all different.

Painting my own milk jug and being with some lovely people who also painted their own pots.  Can't wait to see what they look like finished.

Shopping as Small informed me (5 minutes before school bus arrived) that he has grown out of all of his jeans).  Why does that boy keep growing?  I can't keep up with him!  He's going to be a giant!

Tidying as my family seem to have me with a tip of a house!  How did they all sneak out without me noticing the mess they had left?

Listening to Radio 1 (I may be in Canada but I can't do without my Radio 1!), even though Greg James keeps telling me the time 5 hours ahead.  I love the British accent and I love hearing the news and weather from home.  It makes me feel like I am not so far away.

Watching The Good Wife.  Watched it back home but it's further on here.  So have missed a chunk but still like it.

Looking forward to watching Cake Boss tonight.  Huffle made sure we had the channel as we love this.

Well I better make a start with all the things I said would do.

Let me know if you join in so I can pop over and see what you are up to today and also go and see what Clare is up to.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Woyww #138

Here we are again.  WEDNESDSAY.  Time to play along with "What's on your Workdesk Wednesday", hosted by Julia at
So today I abandoned my normal workdesk in favour of spreading my work around the house.
 This is the kitchen table.  I wanted to make a card but be downstairs to make dinner as well!
This is the Dining Table with Small's Toiletries Bag I am 'embellishing'

.....and this is the other end of the dining table......
I am attempting to make a bag with the handles I won from The Felt Fairy

Two different ideas.  
1.  Crochet side with a material inside - not sure if the crochet is too soft.  Will it hold up as a bag?
2.  The other one is two tea-towels sewn together.  The problem with this one is that I don't yet have a    sewing machine and I'm not sure if the material is too thick to hand sew!
My normal desk is just a dumping ground at the moment, so you don't want to see that.

 Why not pop along and have a look at the real talent from all around the world who take part in WOYWW.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Meet Me On A Monday # 4/12

 Hi I have decided to start joining in with the lovely Clare over at for this week's MMOM.

So this week I have been:

Baking Maple Syrup Flapjack - always been a favourite in our house but now we are in Canada we decided to try it with Maple Syrup instead of the normal Golden Syrup (which just happens to be more expensive and more difficult to get).

Eating Maple Syrup Songe Pudding (do you see a theme here?) which my Huffle made for us yesterday.  Ummmmmmmmm.

Snowboarding : we took the kids on Saturday and it was fabulous.

Sewing together a tea cosy called Baaaarnaby.  He keeps our tea warm.  Lovely.

Ready to do a good hours workout as soon as those kids of mine get on that school bus.  Too much pudding, too much flapjack!

Trying to crochet a bag to use my handles that I won from the Felt Fairy.

Going shopping later to buy beef to make Spaghetti Bolognese for the boys dinner.

Wondering where I put my umbrella (it doesn't rain often here but it sure is raining today. Pah!)

Starting to sort out a post for my pay it forward giveaway - don't forget to come back and participate for handmade giveaways.

Looking forward to caching up with all the blogs that I follow with a nice cup of tea all warmed by Baaarrnaby.  Note.  Don't eat the flapjack with it

What are you up to today?  Why not join in?   Let me know if you do so I can pop along and have a look at what you are up to.



Saturday, 21 January 2012

Finished on a Friday (but posted on a Saturday)

 Well I finished the tea cosy and I have to say I am quite pleased with him.
I can't take all the credit because Moo knitted him in the first place and then passed it to me to finish it.
So I sewed the body together adding wadding in between the two layers.
 But Small thought it would make a good hat!
Then I sewed the head together and stuffed it.  Sewed on a couple of buttons and sewed a mouth.  
Added his hair and sewed on his ears.
Sewed his head to his body.
I thought he might be too big for the tea pot but he fits just nicely.

His name is Baaaaarnaby

 ....and here he is sitting with us while we have our tea.  I know I shouldn't be surprised, but he actually really does keep the tea pot warm.. And I don't mean just a little bit.  The handle was so warm I had to use oven gloves to pour the tea and it's a pot one so it doesn't normally get hot!
He is lovely and we love him and he is staying with us.  Thanks Moo for knitting him.  now the kids want me to knit the egg cosies that go with him!!!  Ummmmmm we'll see.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

woyww #137 (have I got the number right this week?)

Hi, can't believe it's Wednesday again already.  Where does the time go and I haven't done anything!!!!!!

Well this is my workspace.  A bit more organised.  Some shelving, some storage boxes - I'm getting there.  I can't wait for it to be all plaster boarded, painted and proper shelves up - but that's in the future.

My bag handles that I won from The Felt Fairy and which I now have to make a bag.  I have a few ideas.  Thank you Annie for sending them to me.  I promise I will make something soon.  I entered the Monthly Make for 2012 and also have to enter something for that.

My Sheep Tea Cosy which Moo started and I am finishing.  I have the wadding now and all the pieces to sew together.  Will try and get this done this week.    
A Knitting Pattern for the cardi I started nearly a year ago.  Now unpicked and re knitted (not the whole thing just a rib bit), this is all that is left of the cardi now as Moo has taken it home to the UK with her.  I am hoping she sew it up and wear it, take a photo and then send it to me so I can show you.  Hopefully she won't leave it in her suitcase and bring with her in the summer!!  (I hope you are reading this MOO).
My jeans, which I need to repair.  I think I ate too much over Christmas and bent down and they split - ooo er!!  Also a small wash bag that Moo got on her flight and some felt.  I thought I would embellish the bag for Small for a small overnight bag.

And that's it.  Well it's enouigh to keep me going.  Moo left yesterday and it is the first time I have been in the house on my own since moving here.  The kids are at school, Huffle is at work.  TIME TO GET CREATING.

See what everyone else is up to today here.

Oooh - one last thing.  I won another giveaway before Christmas from Annaboo's House and I now have to host my own giveaway here. 

Please do come back and enter for your chance to win something handmade from me. 
 COMING SOON.............

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Woyww #135

Pretty much the same as last week except I tidied it a little to make room for the things that need to be done first.
The material is a curtain that Moo and I are making for Smallest's bedroom.  We have made one already but we ran out of Witchery Stitchery ( I know that's cheating but I am still trying to persuade Huffle I need to have a sewing machine).
Next to the material (on my table) is a sheep tea cosy which only needs wadding (on my shopping list), and a tail, then lots of boring sewing up and he will be finished.  May be a little big for my teapot but I will love him all the same.
The other side of the curtain is a bag of knitting.  Now I started this woyww many many months ago and the reason I started it was to shame me into finishing a piece of knitting I started last winter.  A year has gone by and the damned thing is still sitting there waiting for Moo to undo a bit so I can carry on knitting it, sew it up and give it back to her to wear!!  She is over visiting us and only has seven days left.  If she doesn't leave with it as a fully wearable cardi then I will send it to her in the post as it is.  There!  Hopefully that will shame us both into doing something with it!
There is also a box on there with a Pom Pom sticking out of it.  This is box of things to send for the DotDot family.  I finished sewing the hat.  I better send it soon else BabyDotdot will be at school before he gets it.
I know the pompon is as big as the hat but LizzieDotDot didn't mind and anyway it's more fun like that!

That's it this week.  Pop along to to find out where all this started and see a huge long list of other blogs who take part in this week after week.  Lots of lovely talented people out there with much to show.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Woyww #134 - 2012


 Am a bit late today, but here it is anyway..........

It's a it of a mess but here goes :

Bag of wool - I have just finished knitting a scarf for Small.  A magazine box with papers in.  A tin of buttons.  Some porcelain paint - every year for Christmas we decorate plates, or mugs and give them as presents but this year due to us relocating, we never got chance to do it.  My Cath Kidston Craft bag that my lovely friends bought me before I left.  A drawing I did of my old Kitchen Table (which is now my craft table).  Mollie Makes Magazine that Moo bought in the UK and brought over for me and I haven't even peeked at it yet.  Am waiting for that special time when there is no one around and it is quiet - pah, chance will be a fine thing.

Some material left over from Small's curtains that Moo and I finished yesterday.

My picture "everything will be amazing" which was handmade by my super friend Jumbleberries and given to me as a leaving present.  My Stanley Dog that I made last year in the Felt Fairy's monthly makes.  Talking of which I have joined it again this year and won a giveaway again already.  What a lucky girl I am.  I won some bag handles.  Ahhhh I guess I have to make a bag now.  Now that could be a tricky for me.  Can you make one using Sticthery Witchery?  Or should I be telling my Huffle that I HAVE TO HAVE a sewing machine now!

...and somewhere on there, not sure if you can see it or not, is a nearly knitted sheep tea cosy which Moo started to knit ages ago but never finished.  She has given it to me to finish - I think it just needs an extra leg or ear and some sewing up.  Look forward to showing you.  Also I still need to sew on the pompom for the new DotDot baby.

That's about it on my desk this week.  Probably a lot of rubbish.  But that IS how my desk looks.  No setting up, no tidying to make it look better, I'm afraid it does just look like that!

Go look at some more desks here via Julia at Stamping Ground