Tuesday, 26 March 2013

WOYWW #199 - Beaver Badges and a Blanket

Hello Wednesday Peeps.

Here is my desk for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

Sewing machine, not yet plugged in since I moved back up here. Sewing box full of Batman themed cut-out bunting not yet sewn. Mollie Makes Calendar. Granny Squares to finish off my cushion cover. Funny PJ squares I started on last week. My huge Granny Blanket that I have started again. IPad playing How I Met Your Mother (I am trying to watch all 7 Seasons so I can watch the new series that just started). Smallest's Beaver Vest and two new badges to sew on. My cardi - coming along nicely, shaping the armholes and working up the back. I haven't started on Huffle's socks yet as I am waiting for the pattern.

.....and that is it for this week. Short and sweet.


Monday, 25 March 2013

Granny Blanket

August 2011, England, Sunshine, Crafting outside. That's when I started my Granny Blanket.

Since then I have crocheted it on the plane three times. The first time was when Huffle came here for an interview. The second was when we came house hunting. The third when we upped and moved here November 2011. Here, in Canada, it is called an Afghan. I always thought that was a dog!

Anyway, I have picked it up again after a pause of 16 months. I am addicted again. Now it is bigger than me, and the only way I could think of showing how big it has got, was to hold it up.

I want it to be big enough to fit on a bed. At the moment it fits widthways but not lengthways. It's very snuggly draped over me in the evenings, but no doubt as it gets warmer I will abandon it again till next Winter. I am off to the Thrifty Shop now to see if I can buy some wool. This takes over 50g each round now and I have used a lot of old wool on it.



Tuesday, 19 March 2013

WOYWW #198 - 50c wool & knitted PJ's

Hello woyww'ers. C'mon, you must know what this is by now. In fact, I'm sure the only people who read this blog now are woyww'ers (apart from a few).

Here is my desk today..

My finished socks (how proud am I?). I suppose I should be wearing them but I just like looking at them for now. Finished Angry Bird and Pig. Two new Pom-Pom makers. A stash of new wool which I got for 50c per 50g - BARGAIN. I haven't decided what to do with it yet but it is lovely. Nimp still waiting for his bell. And my new project, my cardi. Coming along nicely, but so far I only knit it whilst at my knitting group, so don't expect it to fly along just yet. At the other end of my table are two squares of knitting. I cut up an old PJ top of Smallest's into a long length of 2cm wide and then cast on 8 stitches and just knit 8 rows. I am planning on making these into a blanket or a cushion cover. They are really soft. I have loads of old tee-shirts, pj's of the boys and its really easy to do. Whether it will look any good once finished, I don't know, it's just another little project to pick up every now and then when I feel like it.

Talking of picking things up.....I have started on my Granny Blanket again. I started it before we came here to Canada and three times took it on the the long flight from UK to Canada and back again. It takes me about an hour and a half to do one round now (because its big, not because I've got slower!) and three quarters round the other day, I ran out of wool. I had planned to do each round in a different colour but now it is so big I can't do that. Hopefully it will still look okay.

It is covering the two Seater sofa (just to give you an idea of the size). The flash wasn't on and it's quite dark so it looks dull bit it's quite a cheery blanket.

I brightened up the loft (my side) with some lovely LLJ bunting - I love it, but I don't have that special place to put it yet so I hung it on the bannister for now.

Right I will try and get round as many of you as I can. I always have the best intentions but its not always so easy.


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Finished Socks - WAHOOOOOOOOOO

After the school Summer Holidays of last year, I enrolled in a knitting group in a local town. I loved it and the ladies there were so nice and welcoming, it was great. I started to knit a sock. I had never knitted on four needles before and never ones this tiny with such tiny thin wool. I made lots of mistakes and undid and knitted and undid and knitted. One day I ripped the whole lot off and started all over again. I only ever knitted the sock whilst at the group, which wasn't every week as I had Smallest at home every other week and PA Days and holidays and illnesses etc etc. the result of which meant that it took me a whole five months to knit my first sock. But I was so proud and it fit like a.......well like a sock. I decided to start the next one straight away and in fact finished it just two weeks later.

Today I finished the Kitchener Graft at the end, not perfect and a bit rough but I love it just the same. It has definitely been a labour of love.

The pattern just 'did' all by itself and both socks are different in the pattern slightly but it doesn't matter. They are so soft but I daren't wear them in case I wear them out. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I am very pleased with myself. I have the wool ready to make Huffle a pair but I am not starting them straightaway as I have a cardi to make for myself first.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WOYWW #197 - Angry Socks

Hello. Wednesday again, where I join in with what's on your Workdesk Wednesday. Most addictive and much fun. Anyway, here is my desk, taken Tuesday Morning as the sun was shining through the window of the finished loft (apart from a bit of painting and dressing!).

A finished sock hanging off my sewing machine with bits of bunting waiting to be sewed together for Smallest's room. Sewing Box with Cafetiere Warmer about to be packaged up and sent. A cushion with an old baby blanket, half sewn into a cushion cover for my sofa. Small's swimming towel and badge needing to be sewn. Nimp waiting for his bell to be sewn back on. Wind-up radio soothing me. Cafetiere and coffe stimulating me. Bag of crochet hooks. Tin of bits for carrying around in my knitting bag. Tape measure to measure if my sock is long enough. Second sock which I have to say has only taken me two weeks to complete (yes two weeks, first one five months Ha!). Nearly a pair. (Just the Kitchener Graft to do). Ha ha ha ha ha. Think I might have done it slightly wrong but I am past caring, I'm sure it will be lovely. I have a ball of wool all ready to make Huffle's pair. Angry Pig and his friend Angry Bird just waiting for a tail to be sewn on. And I think that's about it.

My spotty tablecloth (that I get so many comments about) is stuffed in the drawer and needs a damn good clean - it may be back next week. The bunting and adornments are yet to be put in place as we still have painting to do and I will need to move the desk a bit.

Here is my side of the loft.

And the other side of the loft that will be the Guest room

Right I am off to do a bit of my Granny Blanket in front of the TV and then I will wander around and see what everyone else is doing on their desks.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WOYWW #196 - 1.5 socks, an eyebrow and a plate

Joining in with what's on your Workdesk, Wednesday. My desk has been cleaned of all concrete, wood shavings and paint but is still not ready for crafting on. Therefore, I am using the kitchen table, my lap and the living room drawer.

My lap........

A half of a new sock. Can't show you my finished sock as I lost it (I do know where it is, hopefully I can get it on Friday) but I can show you a link to the finished sock.

Kitchen table..............

An Angry Bird (link to pattern here)

I won't show you the drawer as it it is still a mess and looks no different to last week. I saw a link on Instagram the other day saying how easy it was to us Sharpies to paint on crockery, so I had a go.

Now I just have to bake it to set them and we can use them. The plate is for Smallest's birthday.

The loft is looking amazing. Not long now............

The vacuum is there because I am painstakingly sucking out the dust floor piece by floor piece. You can see my craft table at the other end - it looks tiny. I would like another one for my sewing machine. I keep looking in the thrifty shop and the consignment shop, but nothing yet.

Right, that's me for now, off to check out everyone else's space.