Tuesday, 30 April 2013

WOYWW #204

Hello Wednesday'ers, how lovely to see you. I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, entertaining the in-laws. They have gone home, the loft is mine again and I have left it a mess just because I can.

So my workspace this week (more than a desk, I made it onto the floor too!):-

The material on the floor is an off cut from Small's curtains and I am trying to make some bunting with it, as well as other material. The very big canvas is a painting I am doing (will take me years) and is from a photo of a field in our old Village in England where we used to walk. It is of sheep grazing in a very snowy field. My green basket is full of wool, odd bits of material, granny squares and some frog tape (how did that get in there?).

My desk........

....is all sewey (made up word?) this week. As I said, I was making bunting, then I made a chicken (for no other reason than I liked the material and I thought I would have a go).

Nimp is still there peeking out at the back, he needs his bell sewing back on but the truth is, I've lost it - shhhh don't tell Small! I have finished other stuff off though that I was doing. Sewn on the badges on the uniforms and towels, carried on with my granny blanket and cardigan, and finished my Warning Sign.

No-one bumped their head during the two week Grandma and Grandad visited, so it either worked or isn't needed. I like it though. It's not perfect but that's why I like it.

Off I go now and see what everyone else is up to on What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday?


Monday, 29 April 2013

Bottomless Chicken

I haven't been properly crafting for a while. Visitors from England were here and there just wasn't enough time in the day. Anyhow, I had chance to get back to my craft table yesterday. I was cutting out some bunting for Small's room when I had sudden inspiration to make a fabric chicken. I had a similar thing on my desk that I bought very cheaply in the Easter Sales. It didn't work out quite right but I do kind of like it.

I need to work on how to get a base to make it sit properly without being propped. I bought the material in a thrifty shop last week. It was a bargain.



Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pouffe Finished

Today I finished off my Pouffe cover. I love it, it turned out just how I wanted which is amazing seeing as I didn't use a pattern.

It is crocheted and I started using a a single stitch (I get a bit confused with crochet terms here as US and UK terms are different) or what I call a single stitch and then carried on working in a spiral, moving to a double crochet and then a seam on the top edge using a slip stitch. I think it works well. I made another seam underneath to hold it on.

I'm hoping my Grandma (Gram) would have been pleased with what I have done to her old Pouffe. It feels cosy now when you put your feet on it.



Tuesday, 9 April 2013

WOYWW #201 - stitched warning

Today is Wednesday (well its actually Tuesday because I am five hours behind the UK where Miss Julia starts the revelry that is What's on your Workdesk, Wednesday?), and I have a desk to show you.

My cardi, now has a back and a side.

A new sign I am working on. PLEASE MIND YOUR HEAD. All hand stitched which for me is a work of art as I am not a stitcher! Anyway, the reason for these words of warning is because when we had the loft finished, we moved a light switch so we could switch the light on and off upstairs. However it is now just under the slanted ceiling and because it is all a pale creamy colour (Natural Wicker is the correct name!), we keep banging our head. Hope it will do the trick. I think I am going to machine sew it onto another piece of fabric and then stitch it around a canvas to hang just above the switch.

A small pile of bunting to carry on Small's batman bunting for his room.

And the honour for 'best on table' goes to Pouffe for his splendid cover which is nearly finished, just need to add a few rows underneath to keep him all snug and warm. I am very pleased with this lovely bit of crocheting as I didn't follow a pattern. I just went round and round in a spiral single crocheting and double crocheting and then added a row of slip stitches and crocheted into the back (too technical?) to make the flatness required for the the top and another one underneath to keep it secure.

So that is my desk and now I would like to go and look at everyone else's. it's always a great place to go for inspiration.




Tuesday, 2 April 2013

WOYWW #200 - wooliness

I am joining in with the Wednesday phenomenon that is WOYWW or What's on your Workdesk Wednesday?

Here is my desk.

My cardigan, with a finished back and a new side started. Coming along nicely. My Granny Blanket - now seventy rounds. WOW! I bought some more wool so I can do lots more. The new thing in the shape of a round black and white spiral is a Poof cover. I inherited my Grandma's rocker and matching poof (I remember the poof when I was a child, I used to be able to fit in between the legs. These days I can hardly fit my leg through it ha! Anyway, I saw, on Instagram a similar thing but very colourful. I want it for the living room so wanted it slightly muted. I used the back and white on Small's Nimp at Christmas and I really liked the stripiness of it. I like the spiral even better. Hope to be able to show you more as it progresses.

My sewing machine has moved because I used it at the weekend and finished the Batman Bunting for Smallest's room. He loves it.

That's me done. Yorkshire tea poo (leaves) and a slice of cake and then I will have a blog hop to see everyone else's desks this week.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Angry Birthday Cake

I have been so busy with Smallest's birthday that I forgot to post about his Birthday Cake. Silly me. So here it is.

I started with a 'Golden Yellow Cake' in a square 8" tin.

While I waited for it to cool, I created some creatures and a catapult.

I used butter icing with melted Chocolate in it to give it that fudgey taste. That went in the middle and all around the cake. Plus a strip of green for the grass.

I had made another smaller cake in case I needed to make structures. The first structure I needed was a bird platform and a wall to put the candles on.

Chocolate wafers, chocolate fingers and lots of buttercream used as glue made various hideouts for the pigs and ledges.

Three vanilla wafers sandwiched together made the TNT box, then I used icing cut out by hand to form the TNT letters.

Digestives were sprinkled over the butter icing on the board to create more texture.

There were a lot of times where things started shifting and moving and we thought the whole thing was going to collapse at one point, but it held together. Smallest was very pleased with his Angry Birds cake. I had a lot of fun making it too.


He said it was his best cake EVER and gave me the biggest hug.


Batman Bunting

Yesterday the family gave me an hour or two to do some crafting, so this is what I used my time for.....

I found the vintage batman material at the Thrifty Shop and knew I wanted to use it for something. I cut out the bunting shapes ages ago and they sat on my sewing machine. I also picked up some bias binding at the same shop so used that too. It's not the best bunting or sewing but I am quite pleased. It is in Smallest's room and he is very happy with it. I still have lots of material left so I might make him some more or I might wait to see what inspiration brings.