Friday, 29 July 2011

Swedish Shopping

No crafts today as Mum and I took the kids to Ikea. Why? Well the kids said they wanted to go.    They were an absolute nightmare.  And we got lost twice on the way.  I had also thought I could pick up some bits and bobs - crafty wise - but I didn't.

However, I bought some lovely things (for those who know me or have read my other blog, I am supposed to be de-cluttering).

Some lovely purple glasses

Three (Well Mum said one was not enough) small vases

I was inspired to buy the small one-flower vases because I picked a Daisy from the garden the other day and remembered my Mum had once had a glass rose vase. I asked her if she knew where it was and if I could have it, and..................................

Ta - daaahhhhhhh

What a beauty - she said I could borrow  it.   Thanks Mum.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

woyww plus Minions & Cupcake

On my workdesk this lovely Wednesday is :-  My Smashbook / Journal/ Scap Book, whatever you want to call it.  It is proving very useful for jotting down ideas especially when looking through my friends magazine yesterday.  I managed to get lots of tips, some good websites to check out and some new blogs to look at.

There is a finished Minion on there waiting to be delivered.  Some photos I want to cut up and do something with - not sure what yet.

Also there is some crochet - I am attempting to crochet a blanket but am kind of making it up as I go along.  When I was in the loft this weekend (having a huge clearout) I came across all the old baby blankets that I have knitted, friends and family have crocheted.  I don't want to get rid of them so I thought I might crochet them all together and make one huge blanket. 


Hurrah - I have finally finished my knitted Minions and have the pattern here:-

One for my neice and two for my friends' children.  I had such fun knitting these (although they are bit fiddly to sew together).  They each have their own look and I am sad to see them go to their new homes. 

Be happy little Minions.  BTW these are from the film 'Despicable Me' - I had a few comments last week asking what Minions were.  They are little helpers / workers of the main man in the film (Cartoon).  He has hundreds of them. 

Doesn't everyone deserve a few Minons in their life?


I also made another felt cupcake - I quite like this one but not sure it's quite good enough to eat.

Maybe I could knit myself a load of Minions, to make me lots of cakes and then I can sit and eat them all day long.   Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;0)

Friday, 22 July 2011

Afternoon Tea, Cinders?


I had a craving for scones, and what do you do when you crave something that you haven't got in the pantry? Well you make it of course. Yummy scrummy scones. Made in the food processor and not because I was being lazy but because the recipe actually told me to.

...... and just in case you wondered what they look like sandwiched with butter and jam........


Made the base of the Cinderella cake so that I could spend the whole of Friday icing it. While I had all the ingredients out I thought it would be a nice surprise for Huffle if the kids made him a cake for his tea.

He was very happy with the pink sprinkles!!


Then Cinderella got dressed and went to the ball. It was my intention to show step by step photos but I kind of got carried away.

but here's my lovely mixer

here's my lovely silicone oven glove and cake tester

Her dress?

Ooh Cinders, put it away!
Ready for dancing

The cake has been delivered now. (I always take the legs off the dolls before I plunge them into The cakes and then leave the legs, dress, shoes etc with them for when the cake has been eaten, but this time I forgot the bits and bobs. I hope when they cut the cake and see she hasn't got legs that the poor birthday girl isn't traumatised). (when I mentioned to the birthday girl's mum I had forgotten the legs she said "of course she has legs, they are under her dress otherwise how would she dance?"). Good point.

Oh yes, while I was decorating Cinderella my mum was decorating mini cupcakes.


Now I know I said no chickens for a while but I had to show you this cutie that Lulabelle made.  She asked me for the pattern and made it the very next day.  In fact I've just checked her blog and she has made another two already.  The chickens may take over the world!

Right, now the cakes are finished it's time to get on with those Minions.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Woyww and poof

Unfinished Knitting and Smash Book(?)


My work desk this week (trusty kitchen table) holds the three minions I am knitting. All bodies finished and awaiting sewing up. I have written out the instructions now so I can post these when they are finished.  If you don't already know about what's on your workdesk visit woyww and have a look - there are some truly amazing blogs out there and some very organised workdesks.

The 'poof' is my footstool where I sat up late last night and early this morning knitting arms. 

I couldn't sleep and there was nothing on tv. So I knitted and knitted and knitted and then went back to bed. When I got up this morning I had knitted seven arms. Now I have never been brilliant at maths but even I know that three minions need two arms each equalling six in all. Oh well I have a spare one now.   Anyone in need of a minion arm?

Smash book

Look how those pens compliment my tablecloth

Lots of the blogs I have read recently have been mentioning smash books. I researched it and decided I wanted to make one.  So I bought a small sketch pad from Paperchaase (50% off), some stickers, some lovely gel pens and some write on sticky tape. How exciting. I write a diary anyway, not everyday, but whenever I have anything to say. I love sticking things in my diary like ticket stubs, photos, clippings etc., and I think that's what smash books are about.

I based mine on ideas of crafts, things that have happened and recipes. If I have got this all wrong please let me know.  (but I have had loads of fun anyway).

On Friday I have got a Cinderella cake to make for a 4 year old girl. Wish me luck.

I will post again when minions and cake are finished.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Smalls and mess

Cakes all done. I thought it would be a good idea to get the kids to help decorate them seeing as they were for their various parties, school etc.

Here they are getting stuck in.....

Definitely 'Not' eating any of the decorations........

Still decorating, well there are a lot of them ............

Small looking longingly at his cakes for school sale

Smallest checking out his cakes for his playgroup party.

Then they ran away and played while I cleared up all the mess - and boy was there a mess!!

Ummmm - I ate a few of the cakes too.  Yum.


Chook Delivery

All chickens are now safely in their new homes.  I hope they are happy there.    Just in case you haven't seen enough of the chickens in their various poses (Chooks) - here are some more.

4 little chickens sitting in a tree ................

Tell it like it is - stop sitting on the fence

Is this a good nesting place?

That's it - I promise no more chickens for a while.  Got three minions to knit.  Still not finished Mum's cardigan.  Friends cake and Cinderella Cake to make.  Felt Cup Cakes to make, knitted cup cakes to knit - looking for a good pattern if anyone has got one they can share.

Thanks for all your comments - its so much fun reading them.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

what's on my workdesk - kitchen table

Stuff to bake - that's what

I have cakes and cakes and more cakes to bake.  No time for sewing and knitting. 

Tiny cakes for smallest's playgroup party, small cakes for Small's end of school sale, big cake for friend (may have mentioned that last week but still not made it as she had the audacity to be taken to Barcelona for a birthday surprise - how dare she - and leave us behind - pah!). 

However, cakes aside, I have finished knitting my chickens.  Bless them.  They are now all bagged up and ready to be given to their new homes.

Perching on the bird table

Sitting on the fence

Waiting on the bench

Nestled on a tree stump

Brooding on a branch

My Huffle thinks I am "not all there".  Oh how much fun did I have setting these photos up.  What must the neighbours think??

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

woyww - che cosa è sulla vostra scrivania?

Which I'm told by google translates into What's on your workdesk - Oh I forgot about the Wednesday!

I have loads of chickens to knit for various teachers.  Smallest is leaving pre-school to start "big" school.  Small is moving to another class and his teacher is retiring.  I have two cakes to make.  One for a friend who looked after my house whilst I was away.  Another to make for a friend who secured me Adele tickets. 

I've been trying to make a felt cupcake for a while and I had a go last night.  This is my first effort.  I had to put it in a silicone case as the felt case I made looked like a hat.

I made a cake for playgroup this week - just a  quick one - it's supposed to be a sun on the top!

Rosie the Pig is finally finished - I am quite pleased with her.

Snort snort

We've been on holiday in Italy (hence the italian title!) and since we came back I have no idea what day it is. Anyway, here are some photos of my holiday:-

 Wish I was drinking that right now

 Mountains, cypress trees

 Lucca - top of a tower - boys loved it

Lucca's circular square (now that makes no sense)

Small & Smallest enjoying the Gelato 

and this is where I want to be with my knitting and sewing bag and my glass of wine

Maybe next year ..........................