Sunday, 23 December 2012

Two Recycled Stockings

My Huffle bought a jumper for an 'Ugly Sweater' competition at work. He found an old Marks & Spencer jumper, which on him did look ugly, but really it just didn't suit him. So I was given permission to make it into a stocking for him for this Christmas.

.......and this is how it turned out.

Huffle looking proud (he even asked me to sew the M&S label back in!

Then my Mum, Moo, decided to turn her PJ's, that she got in the sale and didn't like, into a stocking for herself.

.....and this is how they turned out.

And even some beautiful stitching of her name.

So the family's Christmas stockings are all ready for Santa's visit.



P.S. I saw these in the supermarket. I never knew Butterfingers was already 'something'. The cashier looked at me in surprise and asked why was I taking a photo of a chocolate bar!!!!!!!

I was tempted to use this photo as my profile picture but I realised they have Peanuts in and I don't like nuts!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Woyww #185 - a messy panic

Well it's Wednesday, and the only reason I knew it was Wednesday this morning was because Brenda (thanks Brenda) posted a WOYWW. Whoops. I wasn't going to do it, but when I looked at my desk and saw what a mess it was in, I thought, well, you'd want to see that surely?


Now lets see if I can identify what's on the actual table.

Still a couple of imps. One finished and one still waiting for his limbs to be sewn on and a cheeky face to be added. My sock, which I have to say does look like a sock now (thank goodness). Whether I will ever start the second one - who knows - may just frame the first one! My ideas and pattern book. Cup of coffee. Sewing Machine. Moo and I spent a couple of hours on it the other evening. We had bought some PJ bottoms and we didn't like them (final sale) so we made a stocking from one for me.

I was quite pleased with the results. We got in a right mess with it. Changed the foot, tried out some monogramming (is that right?), took the whole bobbin sitting bit apart, re-threaded everything and it worked. Wahooo. I love my machine, it makes a sewist (sewer) out of a novice - fabulous.

Oh no, just noticed those damn badges are still there to be sewn on uniforms. And I haven't started the candy cane sleighs yet. Piddle! What I do know is, my desk is a bloomin' mess and I better get stuff finished and wrapped and tidy it up. MUST NOT START ANY NEW PROJECTS, MUST FINISH OLD ONES FIRST!!!!!

Right, I am going to try and check out everyone's else's desk. Apologies to those I didn't get back to or visit last week. I blame my Mum being here. Feel guilty sitting looking at the IPad for a whole day when she travelled across the World to be with us.



Sunday, 16 December 2012

Angels from across the World

Some time ago, I took part in a challenge. It was started by Jo at jozartydesigns. Everyone made two angels (in whatever medium they preferred) and sent one to Jo and one to a random blogger picked by Jo. I have already shown the beautiful one sent by Chris at PearShapedCrafting (I will show them both again at the end).

Anyway the Angel, made by Jo for me, travelled to Australia before it got to me in Canada. The parcel was addressed correctly so goodness knows how this happened. Also on her horrific journey, her head fell off. However, she is with me now, her head has been surgically attached and she is now hanging beautifully on our Christmas Tree.

So sparkly, so intricate.
Angel Manakel (Angel of Peace) and Avril Angel

Both very different, both very beautiful and both lovingly made.


Thank you ladies for my lovely angels.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

WOYWW #184 - Waiting, waiting, waiting.....

It's Wednesday. What's on your Workdesk, Wednesday? Have a look and see.

Here's mine.

Resident Lime Green Monkey holding a glass bauble that is waiting to be put on our tree. Some wool awaiting..... (Shhhhhhhh). Two little imps (black and white one finished ready for Small's Christmas present) and the Red/orangey one awaiting one more arm and a face (for Smallest's Christmas present).

Some cubs/Beavers badges awaiting sewing on uniforms. Sewing Machine with bunting awaiting binding to hang it. Smash/ideas book with Imp pattern in (originally from

Sock, awaiting about ten more rows and then something else happens!? A pile of lovely Mollie Makes Magazine that my Mum bought for me - wahoooo. A cowl I knitted for myself with the wool Huffle gave me for my birthday, awaiting for me to add to my scarf drawer.

Candy canes waiting for me to make them into Jo's wonderful sledge designs.........And a huge roll of cellotape hanging from my desk, just waiting to be put away.

I am going to WAIT until it is properly Wednesday (I live in a place where the time is so different to others, a bit forwards, a bit backwards, who knows!) and wander nosily around everyone's else's desks and see what wonderfulness is going on.

See ya x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Urns

This morning I created two Christmas Urns for outside the house. I knew what I wanted the end result to be but it was harder than I expected.

I walked up and down the garden, collecting bits of cedar, juniper, pine. Added a few baubles and then went off to my neighbours house to collect some dogwood and berries.

For my first year, it's not bad. To be honest, I got bored in the end. I can sit at my craft table for hours but poking bits of greenery into a tub - nah!

We have some lights to put up put there and then that's it!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

WOYWW #183 - limbs

Hello. Nearly missed it this week. Forgot my days. Anyway, it IS Wednesday, and it IS time for what's on your Workdesk. So ..............

I have temporarily moved my 'desk' to the downstairs coffee table, in front of Glee, to enable me to try and finsish some Imps I making for the boys for Christmas.

Cath Kidstone craft bag with wool, crochet hook and bits and bobs. On the table (from the top left hand corner moving round in a clockwise fashion), tea tray with Baaarnaby warming our tea. Bag of buttons and bag of stuffing. Dark Green wool for elf Korknisse. Black and White stripy wool for Small's Imp. Random knitting needle (have no idea why that is there!). Arm, head, body and legs of Small's Imp. Orangey Imp will belong to Smallest and has a head and body sewn together. A cork for Korknisse. Scissors, needle and threaded needle for embroidering eyes and mouth of Imps. A pen (?). Bits of felt for faces of Imps. Various remote controls. Orangey stripey wool. Embroidery thread - various colours as not sure which to use.

I think that's it. Short but sweet!? Hoping I can show the finished projects soon. Plus will be doing more on my sock on Friday.



Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday Bunting

Due to the fact that it is December today (Pinch Punch), and everyone around us already has their decorations up, and we had breakfast with Santa this morning........

I decided to get on with my Christmas Bunting. Finished one lot off......

And hung it in the Living Room......
And then made a new lot........

And hung it on the dresser in the kitchen.

Very festive. I might get Huffle to iron it nicely though. I didn't see it till I posted these pictures, but a good press could make them look a little nicer.