Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Woyww #169 - England, Russia, Turkey

What's on your workdesk Wednesday? Hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground. Lots of lovely desks to see. Lots of inspiration to get. Lots of amazing organised spaces. In the meantime, look at mine...............


Not been up here as often as I would have liked since last Wednesday. I finished the Monkey and I called him Lumpy for various reasons. He is sitting with his cousin on my desk awaiting to be sent across to England for my Neice.

Also is a nearly finished (I know, I know, I should have done it by now but sewing is not my forte) Russian Doll keying I started last week. Only need to add a couple of leaves to the ring part. Not not bad for a novice.

The kids swimming towels are on there awaiting some badges to be sewn onto them. They both made me very proud and got new badges this Summer. I hate sewing them on but love the fact that they are all in one place and they can keep the towels forever.

There is a tray on the left full of bits and bobs. During the week I emptied out my lounge drawer. This is where I put all my stuff when I work downstairs in front of the TV and then when I finish for the evening, I sweep it all into the drawer. Ingenious. Except that nine months of doing that meant you couldn't get anything in and I couldn't find anything. I now have an empty drawer. Yaaay.

I have a crochet magazine open at a page for Turkish Bracelets. I promised a certain girl a friendship bracelet and I thought I could have a go. I know I have said that before but I've promised now, so I have to deliver don't I?

I don't think there is anything new on there. Off you pop now and look at everyone else's. Thanks for coming and having a look though, much appreciated.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Finished - Lumpy, lopsided Monkey

I can't believe it. I've finally finished the monkey. I have called him LUMPY but he is going off across the sea to my niece who can call him what she likes.

As usual I have taken a 'few' photos around and about.

Arms open ready for a hug

Don't stare at my fat leg!

Ouch, why did I sit here?

Wheeeee push me higher

Glad he is finished, now I can finish the key ring I started......................


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

WOYWW #168 - an earless monkey and half a babooshka

Wednesday again? Really? I have been very lax in posting things to this blog. Only posting on a Wednesday for the wonderful What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday as hosted by Julia. Kitchen tables, ironing boards, proper craft tables, amazingly organised spaces (not at all jealous!) can all be found here.

In the meantime, here is my old kitchen table (now redundant) up in half of the loft, better known as the Craft Room.


In the process of STILL being made is the pink monkey. He now has arms and is just waiting for his ears so I am hoping you won't see him on my desk next week, or at least if he is, he will be finished. This has been a nightmare of a crochet. One leg fatter than the other, arms possibly just that little bit too long and one a bit lumpy, face probably a bit too small for his head. However, he is going to my niece and I'm sure she will love him anyway. I am following Annaboo's House CAL.

Colour is a bit strange!

Also half done is a Russian Doll Key Ring from the Mollie Makes magazine. I'm not a sewer (always find this word hard to look at - sewer, full of rats and a bit stinky!) and this is really fiddly, all the pieces are tiny and I have fat sausage fingers not adept at tiny stitches. Still, hoping it will be finished and I will have nothing on my desk next week or something completely new. Again I blame those kids of mine, they always find me!

Goes beautifully with my tablecloth
There are a load of new stones and rocks there too. Another trip to the beach bought a bucket full home. Of course, I love them all. "Mummy I know you will love this one". "look Mummy, a heart shape - your favourite". "see how it sparkles Mummy, don't you just love it?"

Skunky the sock monkey is back there too, waiting to have his arm mended. It looks like his muscle is bulging out. I wish I could say he was falling apart due to too much cuddling but in reality it is because he is roughly boy-handled!

LLJ's lovely bunting is hanging above my desk, and the tiny desk bunting is from faded reverie. Such talented people.

Well I have taken up enough of your time. Julia tells us to keep it short but I can't help it. I'm off to check everyone else's now.



Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Woyww #167 - a crowned chicken and Monkey Fat Leg

Hello fellow 'what's on your work desk Wednesday'ers. I haven't been up to too much. I blame those kids of mine. "Mummy, why are you upstairs crafting when you should be playing with us?"

Anyway here is my desk today (after I removed the kids journals).

My chicken now has a felt crown as I am giving her to someone very Royal. I missed her birthday while we were away so I thought I would adapt this one for my friend Mrs Royal. Also my monkey for my niece. One leg is fat and the other leg is thin. I thought about redoing it but I thought it would be good to teach my nearly eleven year old niece that not everyone is perfect. Well I did eventually get the sand out of his crocheted skin after our holiday on the beach.

One of my Mollie Makes magazine has a keying to make with a lovely Russian Doll so I got it out to have a go but the boys found me. There is a big wooden 'F' on there as Smallest's name begins with F (Fmallest?). I haven't decided what I am doing with it yet. Last Christmas we bought Small an 'A' (Asmall?) and it just sits on his window. We said we would buy him a new letter for each Christmas and Birthday till it spells his name. Then we had the idea that we could cover them or paint them. They are on offer at the moment so I am busy buying the letters up and putting them away.

My favourite Denby cup and saucer is there which did have my coffee in but I drank it.

Last week Small got on with some stamping and made a new sign:-

It says "this is the lake octopus" - long story

We also made a cake for Huffle to cheer him up after he had to go back to work following our holiday:-

I had no input in the decoration, that was all the boys idea!

Right, I will get another coffee and pop round and see what everyone else's desk is looking like.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

WOYWW #166 - one legged monkey and driftwood

Well I had a lovely holiday, and now I'm back. And I have two desks this week for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

My first desk is one that Huffle and I have been working at (a rare time crafting together):

Lots of driftwood we picked up on the beaches and many stones. Small's little stamping set and some inks for stamping. Plus some garden string for hanging the wood.


.....and my second one is the kitchen table where I have been crocheting in between watching the Olympics and playing with the kids.

My bag (fadedreverie) of stuffing. Crochet Hook, gorgeous Hot Pink Wool. A one legged monkey and the IPad with Annaboo's pattern on it. This is the Monkey I am making for my niece. It seems to be taking a long time. Her birthday is end of December, might be done by then! I noticed the monkeys leg seems rather wider than it should be. Now I either need to undo it and Start again or try and make the second leg the same! Ummmmmmm difficult decision.

Some of the creations Huffle and I created were:-

"No ducking, no diving, no bombing, no petting"

On one side......

...then turn it over

Huffle made the shark

....even Small was playing at the table today. He created one about a lake octopus (he said it was because when he found the driftwood, he thought it was an octopus and then he realised it was a piece of wood!) I haven't taken a photo yet. I will when he finishes it. We also picked up lots of stones (we always do). The boys like to bring me stones saying "ooooh you like this one don't you Mummy". "now I know you will like this one because......". Bless, we have so many stones, in the house, outside the house, in the garden, on the table, on my craft table.