Tuesday, 20 May 2014

WOYWW - free motion sewings

Hey Wednesday'ers. My desk, for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday is a mess. I took a workshop to learn 'free motion sewing' today and I absolutely loved it. We learnt lots of different techniques and I really loved the free-ness of the machine. It tapped into my artistic side beautifully and I even started to zentangle on my machine. How cool is that?

So my desk..........

My sewing machine with my favourite sample of the day.

Next to my sample work is my pile of knitted squares for my mystery afghan. We are now on week five and I have to make bobbles (which is proving frustratingly difficult). My quilting squares are still there at the back and so are the ones that need sewing together. I have abandoned it for now as I need more inspiration and want to get on with my blanket. As usual, too many projects on the go. Sewing to do when I have a spare hour, free motion to practice when I get my new foot (Unfortunately I had to order the foot for my machine and it won't be here until Friday), knitting to do in front of the TV at night. I also have a cardi to undo and resew together (that's for Autumn) an elephant to knit and a monkey to finish.

Again I have aerobics first thing, then I have to mow the grass if it is dry and then I will get round to seeing all your wonderful inspirational desks. See you x


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

WOYWW - side table knittings

Well it's Wednesday again - seriously, where does the time go? I always think ok will have a whole week to get around everyone's desk and maybe post a couple of things in between but it all just goes by far too quickly. Oh dear, is that an age thing?

Anyway, this week, as usual, I am playing along with What's on your Workdesk Wednesday. It's a nosey place with lots of wonderful creativity and normally a few giggles too.

This week my desk has been the side table in front of the TV where I have been knitting my squares for my Mustery Afghan. I am on week three and have knitted a few squares.

Taking up most of the photo is my Kath Kidston Bag with my different squares I have already knitted. Next to that is a pattern for the Heirloom Lace one I am knitting now. Two balls of wool, one needle (where is the other one?) and the map for where my squares will go when it is finished (it is still a mystery because I don't know where or what the future patterns will be plus I don't know how to sew it all together or add the border). Wow, it's like an Agatha Christie.

Hope to get round to see everyone but off to Aerobics first, save me a slice of cake to have with my tea, I'll need it.



Tuesday, 6 May 2014

WOYWW - woolly pins

A sideways view of my desk today for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday. Along the top are my cut out squares for my quilt, already decided on which colour goes with what but ran out of pins to pin them together. Next to that top right is my pile of already sewn together squares. My sewing machine patiently waiting my foot! Left middleish is my huuuuge granny blanket. More squares, pinned, waiting to be sewn together.

Middle right - my wool for my mystery Afghan/Blanket. Each week a new pattern is released for a knitted square. So far I am on week 2 and have knitted 6 squares. There are eight weeks in all and it won't be until week8 till we know what it looks like. The bottom purple one is a Nordic Star. I like these because I can knit them whilst watching TV easily. The lamp is on and shining too bright but the orangey thing is my pair of socks I was knitting for Valentines (whoops a bit late!).

That's me done for this week. Hope to see you all with your lovely desks and creations.