Tuesday, 24 September 2013

woyww #225 - a pain of a sock

Hello, here I am joining in with What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday. No need to explain, you know all about it by now.

So my desk, back upstairs in the loft.   Unfortunately the light is dimming which is why my lamp is on.

At the front is my new sock. This is a lattice pattern which is fairly easy unless you are good at losing stitches like me and can't count, like me and don't read a pattern properly, like me. Suffice to say this sock has been a real pain in the neck and yet the wool is so soft (Regini Angora Merino). It is a gorgeous cream, well it was. I have knitted and undone about five times already and it has got quite grubby. I am thinking of pulling it all off and starting again too as I have done the pattern on the underside of the sock and I shouldn't have!
Good news though, I did finish my little rag doll and Leftover Leo is all done apart from his scarf.

Well I don't think there is anything else on my desk that is of interest so I will go and have a quick game of football with my Smalls (not my underwear my small boys!!) and then have a look to see what else is happening around the world of lovely scrumptious desks.

P.S. No baking this week, maybe next week.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Raggy Doll

Today I finished my little knitted Rag Doll.

I didn't find this the easiest of things to knit but I do like how she turned out. There was quite a lot of sewing up to do which I am not great at, however, I am very envious of her stripey legs and her hair is funky and modern.

I don't have many girls in my family so I can't imagine I will be knitting this too often. Maybe I can adapt it to become a boy! Thank you Jez for sending me the pattern. She is lovely.



Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Woyww #224 - Floor Fings

Today I am joining in with What's on your Workdesk Wednesday. I am not at my usual desk though, as I am cold. I have sat myself downstairs in front of the fire and emptied my bag onto the floor.

So...... A wad of stuffing ready to stuff my little rag doll. A ball of purplish wool for sewing up part of the rag doll. Leftover Leo minus his scarf (do you ike his slightly permed hair?). Another ball of wool making Leo's scarf. Stripey legs of the rag doll. A stuffing stix which fell out of the stuffing bag (I never knew I had one and it will be so useful). A ball of cream wool (not sure why that is there!). Leo's scarf in the middle of being knitted. The rag doll's dress. So annoyed that I ran out of wool with just five rows left so am thinking I might add a button in a contrasting colour and see if I can get away with it. There is a head and some limbs too which need sewing up. I did start a sock last week but I have no idea where it is, maybe on my cold desk!

Right, that's me done. It is actually still Tuesday evening here (Canada) so I am watching the Great British Bake Off whilst eating my homemade cookies and zucchini loaf, yum yum. No photos of it today, sorry.



Tuesday, 10 September 2013

WOYWW #223 - Stuffing, sewing and stripy legs

Hello Wednesday'ers. Join in with WOYWW here - you will find it inspiring, addictive and incredibly nosey ha!

Well I finished my sock at the weekend. Not my favourite but it is only for me. I have another two to do though I have only bought the wool for one pair. I need to go to a technical day to learn the next one as it is a bit more complicated, so in the meantime :


I am stuffing Eco Eric's brother (now called Leftover Leo) and you can see him with a needle in his chest (poor thing) and then sewing on his face and hair before hiding him away for Christmas.

I have also started to knit a Rag Doll. The pattern was sent to me by a lovely old friend (she's not old, I have known her a long time but lost touch and found again on FaceBook), and I am making it for my friend here who has a little girl. They don't know anyone who knits or crochets and asked me to do something. Of course I was delighted. She has lovely stripey legs (the doll, not the girl) so it is another project to use small bits of wool. So far so good. I have made her body, knickers, legs and I am just finishing her second shoe. This has been a nice easy pattern to follow whilst watching TV.

Last week I showed you some muffins I had made. This week I made Oatmeal Cookies, yum. I have one on my desk which you may think is very naughty for a Wednesday morning (bit it is actually Tuesday Evening so maybe I can be excused?). There are plenty if you want one.

I found out last week that I can not comment on anyone who uses the flash on their blogs, which is a shame. We have only Apple devices these days and they are just not compatible, so forgive me if I don't comment - I am not being rude. ; /


Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend Finishings

Well I finally got my socks finished.

These are the ones that started with 'Judy's Magic Cast On' which looks really complicated but is very easy and is just a flick of the wrist with twisting. It makes for a very neat toe with no seam and so much easier than the Kitchener Graft.

I used a self striping sock yarn on two circular needles, which was a first for me but again much easier than the normal four needles, especially when you do the heel as you just leave one needle and work on the other.

This one also had two cables running up. You can see on the left one I missed a few cables (well it is only the second time I have EVER done cables) but I got it right on the other one. They are for me so I wasn't too fussy. You may also notice the cable doesn't go to the top because I just forgot on one and thought I should do the same on the other.

I found these socks very calming until I went wrong and then they became the worst thing I had ever knitted. I don't love them, they are a bit baggy at the top but at least I learnt a few things doing them.

I do love the colour.

Right, now to finish off some other things.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

WOYWW #222 Things Unfinished

Hello, today is the day to be joining in with What's on your Workdesk, Wednesday or WOYWW.

Without Brenda to give me a push, I very nearly forgot again. Which could be another reason for why my desk is so untidy and in the middle of things!

Eco Eric's brother (Smallest requested one for Christmas) is in the middle of being stitched and stuffed. He requested blue and as he is supposed to be made of recycled wool, I used all my old bits and bobs, hence the strangeness of him. The pattern and what he should look like is middle left. I have made two of these previously and one looked a bit like it and the other, well, he is so loved it doesn't matter.

Middle back are my socks I am still working on. It seems I had done them right until the other night when I was knitting and watching TV and I did too many decreases, couldn't undoe them and pulled the whole lot off but then couldn't get the damn stitches back on right. It is a mess! The other one is okay now and under control and should be finished in a day or so.

Other things on my desk, my library book, a To Do list, my sewing tin, cup of hot water (sore throat) and the same origami book with the same pieces of paper I couldn't fold last week - whoops!

Hopefully I commented on all who commented on mine last week plus a few more. This week I have no kids, visitors, relatives or excuses, so I should get round to many many more.

I will just leave you with a photo of some muffins I made yesterday using Courgettes again. Yum yum.