Monday, 31 October 2011



Nice to meet you again on a Monday. What have I been up to and what am I going to do?

Eating toasted crumpets with honey in front of a roaring open fire - we had no heating this weekend!

Drinking bottled water since we had an interruption in our water supply.  This is the colour of our water straight from the tap.

Listening to Dionne Bromfield (niece of Amy Winehouse).  She's only 15 and has an amazing voice.

Selling the contents of my home ready to relocate the Canada.

Looking forward to meeting my friend Des for a coffee this morning at the local Garden Centre.

Supervising Huffle clearing out the shed today.

Getting the Halloween costumes and face paints ready for the kids tonight for Trick or Treating.

Baking gingerbread pumpkins for any Halloween visitors this evening.

Carving out a pumpkin to put outside our house.

That's me for this week. Go and see what Clare is up to this week here.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WOYWW #125

WHAT'S ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY as hosted by Stamping Ground.

My workdesk, this Wednesday is:-

This week I have mostly been knitting and crocheting - what's new?

A Tea Cozy for my friend (the one I am indebted to for my Adele tickets earlier in the year)

It's a little bit "Woca Mola".  In our house, this means 'freestyle' as in the song "Freestyler, woca woca mola" - actually the song goes "Freestyler Walk up to the microphone" but I am well known for getting my lyrics wrong in songs.  Have I lost you yet?

Moo's Cardi which I actually started at the beginning of this year.  I got it out so I could get it finished - just need her help a little as I sewed it together and then realised one side was different (and she noticed).

My blankie - now covers Small beautifully - so much so that he has decided he wants one for his bed, and if he has one then Smallest has to have one too.  They can wait!

A pile of Christmas presents which I can't show because I don't want the recipients to see.  How do I get around this?  I want to show what I am working on but don't want to spoil the surprise - any ideas?

More corks and Kornisse being worked on.

My Smash book and the lovely little labels I bought in a Thrifty store in Canada - would these look cool in handmade gifts for my two boys?  They say "Handmade by Mother".

I have even been handsewing......... (shhh it's a secret!)

Anyway - let's go and look at what everyone else is up to today - here

Monday, 24 October 2011

Meet me on a Monday #12

I nearly forgot. Have been quite stressed today and could have done with meeting you all for a coffee. However, what have I been doing and what have I got planned?

Watching Neighbours - I'm afraid it's something I watch every evening. It's easy, I don't have to concentrate and they've just had a fancy dress party where everyone dressed as something beginning with 's' - how clever, however, non-one turned up as a sausage!

Listening to the new Florence And the Machine preview album - it sounds like it will be good.

Making a unique, strange looking tea cozy

Hiding my handmade Christmas presents. Can't show you too much in case the recipients are looking.

Eating birthday cake from yesterday's party.

Ringing Aunt Pear to check her washing line is okay because the cousins were swinging on it yesterday and I was worried it was broken - she isn't worried about it.

Selling my lovely car, my hand mixer, hand blender, kettle, toaster, stereo, cd player etc etc - any takers?

Stressing about my forthcoming move.

Excited about my night out with the girls soon.

Sorry I'm sooooo late today.

Join in here

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Finished on a Thursday

This is not the title of a new group, like Meet Me on a Monday or What's on your Workdesk Wednesday but I'm so pleased to have finished some things that I thought I'd make my own.

Here is my Boy Snake - I put two tiny bells in his tail so he sounds like a rattle snake.

He took a lot of sewing up as I used each individual colour to sew his stripes!!

LizzieDotDot's baby to be bonnet with a pink pompom

.....and then with a blue pompom - which will it be?

My first ever baby bootee - think it might be a little bit small

This is supposed to be a Sheep Korknisse!!

Two hairbands - one crochet with some picoting (i think thats what its called) - need to make some sort of embellishment on the red one and the other knitted with my newly bought Canadian Walmart Wool.

Another headband - but smaller - possibly for a child.

And that's about it.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

WOYWW #124

This week I have mostly been crafting on my lounge floor (better than an aeroplane?).

I have my bag of wool (overflowing - note to self - don't buy anymore till you move!), my almost finished Boy Snake, Sheep Korknisse, sewing box, pink and blue pompoms ready for sewing on my sewn up bonnet, half finished hairbands.  My knitting needle bag and my Mum's needle bag.  My Smash book with the made-up snake pattern (I lost the first one, made up the pattern, knitted it as I was going along and then found it the day I finished him - arrrrggggghhhhhhhh.

My Manga Drawing book (Huffle bought it me for my birthday and I love it)  is also there with two of my drawings - I find drawing so therapuetic.  My family photo album is also there hidden away with some more photos to stick in.  Some stuffing and some more corks ready to be dressed for Christmas.

WOW - lots of things to finish.  Hopefully I will be able to post the finished things before the next woyww.

Hop on over to Julia's to see what other people around the world are up to.

I once said how difficult I thought it was getting round to see everyone's desk.  I read a comment from someone who said that if she was number 34 on the list then she would look at all the desk with a 4 on the end - this is a really good idea because it means you get to see different desks each week but you don't feel so bad if you don't make it round them all.  So thanks for that whover you were.  Briliant Idea.

See you soon x

Monday, 17 October 2011

Mmom #11

Today's Meet Me on a Monday is from the UK and we are going to the lovely park of Bradgate. Home of Lady Jane Grey. It's a wonderful place and one that is on our list of "things we must do before we leave the country".

Watching Small on his birthday scooter, scoot scoot scooting on his way.

Don't they look cold?  It was freezing and windy and a bit rainy

Eating our homemade picnic

Listening to the reindeer making that noise that means they want some cuddles!

Dreaming of my hot steaming coffee I spirited away in my new flask. 

Making a Knitted Boy Snake for a Christmas present.

Guessing that the small bootees I made for LizzieDotot's baby to be, may be a tad too small!

Loving Smallest's hand puppet of Jess the Cat he made at school.

Wishing I could go to sleep in the day - still having trouble with jet lag!

Wearing my new brooch that Clare @ made me for my birthday - love it.

That's me done. Go and play along here.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Proper WOYWW #123 - LANDED

Now this is ACTUALLY a picture of me chocheting on the Aeroplane.  (Can you see the overhead lockers?)  HONESTLY,  I am under that mass of blanket. 

I managed to to do one round on the way there (took about 2 hours - but I was watching a film aswell) and one and a half rounds on the way back (that took about five hours - not really but it felt like ages!).

While I was in Canada I took a few pics.

This was the window of a really lovely looking knitting shop - it was closed unfortunately - but they were backing the pink ribbon Breast Cancer Care and the pink knitted things are breasts - how cute.

I picked these free kntting patterns up in Walmart and had to buy some wool to go with them - of course.

And these little beauties I found in a Thrifty shop - aren't they just adorable.  I thought I could use them to sew onto things I make for my boys.  75cents - that's all.

We went to Jack Astors for a bite to eat and on each table was a length of brown paper and a tub of pencils - so we did a bit of drawing.  This was supposed to be a Manga drawing but it went a bit wrong.  I even shamedly advertised my blog on there by writing it all over the tablecloth.  WHAT FUN.

This is the shop I have been dreaminig about owning (or renting) when we move.  Don't know what will be in it?  A coffee shop, a crafting shop, a cake shop - or maybe all three.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Woyww #123 air crochet

Now I know I promised a proper work desk this week after the last two were a bit "iffy" but I'm afraid I'm up in the air this week. No seriously, in the air, on a plane, flying across the Atlantic. I am doing some crafting though believe it or not. I'm crocheting my granny blanket. I do have a picture but as yet cannot find the correct tools to add it whilst up in the air. I dropped my ball of wool on the way here and the ball rolled along the aisle. He he he he he.

I also can't link it till I get home so that will have to wait too.

I do have some lovely little labels to show you then too so please do come back and have a look.

I will try and get round as many of you as possible but again it might have to be in a day or so.

Suffice to say that my blankie is getting so big now that I can only JUST fit it in my canvas tote bag by squashing it in and that it doesn't quite fit on my knee in the aeroplane. But that is what is on my 'work knee' this Wednesday.

There will be more knees, rugs, desks, ironing boards, table tops, lawns for you to peruse HERE.

Go on then, there's nothing more to see here.

Don't forget to come back, I promise pictures.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Mmom #10

This week's Meet Me On a Monday is in Canada. Am I a jet setter or what? My lovely friend Clare @ started this wonderful Monday thing and I couldn't let her down.

So this is what I am doing:

Eating Basa - now, I am a vegetarian but I do like a nice bit of fish now and again (as long as it isn't too fishy) and this was a lovely bit of fresh fish.

Drinking Corona Beer and Decaffienated Coffee - do they go together?

Looking forward to seeing some houses tomorrow.

Wondering if the chipmunks I keep seeing are going to be a nuisance here.

Basking in the Canadian Sun which is unusually warm for this time of year.

Watching ITV on the IPad which we didn't think would work here but it does.

Buying some wool from Walmart to make a scarf. Amazing how much craft stuff they have here. You'd love it Clare.

Bringing back presents for Small and Smallest. (can't tell you what yet in case they read this).

Rejoicing in the fact that my antibiotics are working.

I will try to link this to MMOM but it is still Sunday here and only just Monday there so Clare may not have done hers yet.

P.s. Happy thanksgiving x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I don't have a workdesk to show as there isn't much going on.  I finished my bobble hat, I've started a new tea cosy (more later) and my album is still being stuck in.  (Thanks to those who commented on the family album - some very interesting words - thanks).

However, I did make a birthday cake yesterday for Small and would love to share with you how it went.

Here is the finished product:-

I made two vanilla sponges...........

Covered them with vanilla and chocolate buttercream..................

Added a layer of Icing to the top (for grass).....................

Added some more cake for a bump..................

Made some bits and bobs to go on the top...........................

Mushroom, Mario and some egg

Mario again

Coins, roads, blocks and sign

Added LOADS of chocolate coins....................................

and a very sparkly candle

*******************  Ta dah ******************************

Thanks for looking.  What's on your wordesk begins with and there are many people who show their actual workdesk and not just a pile of cake.  (Hope I don't get disqualified for not entering a proper workdesk AGAIN!)

See you soon x

Monday, 3 October 2011


Meet me on a Monday

as started by the lovely, talented Clare @ Can't believe it's week 9 already. Wow. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun like this.

Anyway, this week I am:

Waiting anxiously for the phone to ring from the estate agents. We had a 2nd viewing yesterday and they said they really loved it but it's between our house and one other. Fingers crossed.

Listening to the new Kasabian album. Love it.

Baking Small's Birthday Cake.  (Will reveal tomorrow).

Watching two little scamps (Smallest and his friend Art)  playing with the lego.

Wondering whether to make a smaller pom-pom for my friends bobble hat (for her baby to be).

Learning how to crochet in rows (not rounds like the blankie), I made a Korknisse (others were knitted but this is my first crocheted one). Not up to Annaboo's standard yet but I will keep trying.

Wanting to put the shopping away but keep getting interrupted by "mummy, can we..........., Mummy, have we got............, Mummy when can we ............".

Starting to make dinner for the two boys I have with me today (I have Smallest's friend and Small is at his friends - both of my boys share friends with brothers of the same family. (Does that make sense?)  Ahhhhhhhh sweet. It makes it a little easier for after school play. Art has requested Mashed Potato - I think I can manage that!

Reading the envelopes on the cards that come through the door so I can guess who they are from. I don't know why I do that, but I almost can't open them till I know who they are. How silly.

Dreading the fact that I will be one year older tomorrow (couldn't possibly tell you how OLD that is - but it's old, believe me!!!!!!

Loving my new found skill of balloon modelling. Give it a try, it's great, till the balloon pops.  OUCH!

believe it or not - this is a monkey

and this is a giraffe, or an Apatasaurus or a sausage dog with a long neck?!

HAPPY MMOM - Have fun