Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Woyww #253 squares coming out of my ears

Wednesday. Well that must mean it's the day to show you my desk. In fact I am joining in with WOYWW which translates to What's on your Workdesk Wednesday, but you know that already.

Well it's a messy desk. These days I just tend to run up here, sew a bit, cut a bit, pin a bit and then run down again. No time to tidy the floor, the ironing board or the desk. My Huffle has just stolen the ironing board so I can't show you what was on there but it was a pile of fabrics, a tub of pins and an iron.

This is probably vey similar to last week. My strips of fabric waiting to be cut on my mat. Behind the sewing machine is a Mason Jar which I am filling with any off cuts of material (too small to use for sewing). I saw this tip on one of your blogs somewhere, saying that you never knew when you might need a thin strip of fabric or thread. Good idea and it looks pretty too. My scissors are there (not my good ones just the snippy ones) and a tin with pins in it. Main stage is my sewing machine. I am getting more confident by the day.

And just to prove I am making progress with my quilt, here is where I am so far....

Each little square is 2.5" x 2.5" to to give you perspective. The ones on the edge are waiting to be sewed together but I was planning what colours I needed next. I have to say, I am finding it very therapeutic and the boys came up the other day. The Smallest one said "WOW that's going to be brilliant, will it have buttons on the end like my quilt cover?". The Small one said "Mummy that's amazing, is it a collage?". Love the appreciation.

This project is going to take me forever, I hope I don't lose interest. At the moment it probably fits a cot and I want it to fit a King Size Bed. Plus I still haven't finished Monkey and I am at the point of casting off my socks but I have just signed up for a Knit A Long Blanket where we get a new pattern each week and we don't know what it will turn out like in the end. Exciting!?!?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Woyww#253 - pins and needles

Hi, sorry been away again. I had to hibernate as I was finding this endless snow just too much. However, today the sunshine has brought me out, so I thought I would join in with What's on your Workdesk Wednesday, and show you my desk, which this week is a bit different.

I have got the quilting bug. I bought myself a starter kit with a mat, a cutter, pins etc and a roll of different fabrics and I had a quick lesson from my friend and away I went. I love it. I find the cutting out, the ironing of seams, the small bits of stitching together, more ironing, pinning, unpinning soooooo therapeutic. I have managed to sew together blocks of 16 x 2.5" squares and so far (in less than a week) made 8 blocks. I am just going to keep going until I think it is big enough and then I need my next lesson.

I have to say I am quite pleased with myself. I am still crocheting the monkey and am still knitting my socks and making my pig hat in the evenings but when I can, in the day, I am busily sewing and cutting and pinning. I need a bigger table!!!

I hope to pop round to everyone else's desk after I have done my aerobics and am sitting recuperating with my cup of tea.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pokemon Cake

Sunday was Smallest's seventh birthday and yesterday was his party for his friends. As usual my kids like to challenge me to make them a spectacular cake (in their eyes anyway!)

So began the challenge............

I made two sandwich chocolate cakes and sandwiched them together with chocolate fudge butter icing.

Then I buttericed them with vanilla buttercream which is called Dirty Icing (I know this because I am an avid Cake Boss fan.

I made two pokemon figures as per my instructions.

May I introduce Pikachu.....

.....and Oshawott

Then I half iced the cake with red fondant icing and the other half with white Fondant icing. Added a red strip around the bottom and a white circle on top.

This is to represent the PokeBall (of course).

I needed a black stripe - I didn't have any black fondant and adding black colouring never properly works plus it tastes bad. So I bought some Black Modelling Wafers, melted them and painted my stripe on (not the best straight line).



Tastes good too.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Woyww - one legged no faced monkey

Hey, I have been awol for some time now. I went to England and it was fabulous. There was a proper spring with lambs frolicking and daffodils dancing. We absolutely loved it but had to come to back to Canada as this is where we live. I was hoping the snow would have gone and maybe we would have our own Spring, but alas it is still Winter here. Still, it means I get more time to craft I suppose. Well the reason I am here is because it is Wednesday and I am joining in with What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

I am not at my desk because I have been crocheting in front of the TV. Today my desk is my pouffe with the Ipad showing a pattern for a Monkey from Annaboos House. I have made this one before but for some reason (maybe jetlag) I am struggling to do it's second leg!

I just noticed that it looks like the poor thing has been stabbed where I have left my crochet hook. Whoops, off to rescue it right away before I get complaints.

Hope to visit as many of you as possible in between painting the kitchen, and crocheting a leg of course.



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WOYWW #245 - a bit of sewing

Today I am joining in with Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday?

I am currently sitting at my desk in the loft and I am freezing. It is snowing outside and although the drive has been cleared once, it is covered again. I am fed up of the snow now.

Anyway, my desk........

Today I have been sewing. A friend of mine came over last week and I showed her how to crochet a foundation row. In return she showed me some tips on my sewing machine and left me with homework to do - a sample piece of different stitches and try and get them straight. Ha that's funny. I did them but straight they are NOT! She is going to show me how to make a simple bag and we are going to use the sample somehow. Exciting.

Left of the table is Sock Monkey Hat, lovingly put there by Smallest - this means it needs mending in some way. No note needed, I just have to find out what is wrong with it. Earlier I found an Imp with a bell beside it which meant "Please Mummy can you sew his bell back on".

Right of my table is my new sock that I started on Friday. This is the one knitted on the very expensive yarn. It has two cables and a heart pattern going up the front. A bit tricky and needs some concentration but I like it. I undid it three times on Friday and once more on Saturday (each time back to the beginning). I am now at the heel part and am very pleased with myself.

At the front are my gorgeous Kirstie Allsop Haberdashery Scissors that my lovely friend sent me for my Birthday last year, a box of pins and some thread and other scissors (how many pairs of scissors does one girl need? And what are they all doing there?).

I hope to visit more of y than I managed last week - very poor - MUST DO BETTER!

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Lovely Valentine


This is what I made for my Valentine.....

A Zentangled card. A crocheted heart inside. A crocheted envelope with machine stitiched stamp and name tag.

I hope he likes it.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Woyww #245 : all finished except for......

Today I am joining in with What's on your workdesk Wednesday. I know I don't have to explain what it is because the only people that come here are the woyww'ers. So welcome once again....

In the flowery bag on the left is my cardi (I took it to knitting last week and they persuaded me it was lovely and didn't make me look like a balloon in a cardi), it needs a little bit of unpicking but is nearly finished. Next to the bag are my socks which are complete apart from sewing in the ends and tightening up the 'thrums'. There is a sheep hat which is finished except for a curly bit on the ear flap (I'm not sure about this hat, I personally don't think he looks like a sheep but I'm not sure I can do much more to him). Below sheepy is another hat I am knitting, this time for me. I wanted something warm but floppy and the knitting pattern was on the reverse of the wool wrapper. I am going to add a huge pom-pom on the top.

At the front left is my new wool for my new socks. These have hearts going up the side. The wool is hand painted and is made with merino wool, kid mohair and mulberry silk (very expensive for a pair of socks but the colour is gorgeous (very valentiney). They start with a Turkish cast on (so thats new for me!). I may start them soon.

I think that's me done. I hopefully visited all that visited me and a few more. I couldn't leave comments on some (sorry about that) because it just wouldn't let me. I look forward to popping by and seeing the lovliness everyone has on their desks.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Woyww #244 - buttons for eyes

Today it is Wednesday (well for some) and that means I am joining in with What's on your Workdesk Wednesday - as usual click on the link to find out more....

My desk hasn't been touched much this week and it's not because of the cold this time. I was up here at the weekend finishing things off and I briefly stopped by to empty the contents of my button tin.

Left is a new hat I am crocheting. It is supposed to be a sheep but who knows what it will end up being! Just a few more rows and I can do the ear flaps and give it a personality. Just above the cream hat are my socks (whoops still not cast off the toe tut tut). Still a big ugly pile of cardi (planning to take it in to knitting on Friday to see if they can make it look better). Next to the cardi is my pride and joy of a Bear Hat. He is called Hattie though he is obviously a boy hat! I love him and he turned out beautifully. I acknowledge Micahmakes for the wonderfully written pattern for the basic hat. It fits Smallest fabulously and he posed as my hat model earlier. I am hoping to sell these at some point.

Back to my desk, sorry, another Zentangle with help from Smallest and a pile of buttons, all askew from when I was searching for 'Hattie's" perfect eyes.

I just noticed a packet of Werthers at the back of my desk. I can promise you that they have been there since Christmas and I haven't touched them. Wish I could say the same about the Lemon and Poppy seed Muffins I made.

Nearly all eaten!

Right, I will be trying very hard to visit as many of the other desks linked up with WOYWW as I can, plus some of the ones I never got back to from last week (sorry)

P.s. I finished the sock monkey hat


Friday, January 31, 2014

In which a Monkey Hat gets finished


While my Mum was here over at Christmas, she started to knit a Monkey Hat.  Originally I wanted to make these to sell but this project proved a long and arduous task so back to the drawing board.

After I sewed it all together and tried it on Huffle's BIG head I realised it needed a mouth.....

once the mouth was sewn on, I realised it needed an I-Cord (thank goodness for YouTube) to finish it off......

I-cords and ties done, ends sewn in, I tried it on Smallest's head (whom it was intended for)....

I think they both look very cute.

This won't be something I will be making too many of as it seemed very fiddly and very time consuming.  I am now trying to create a new crochet pattern instead - possibly a little less trickier and a bit quicker.

For now, however, Smallest has a new Monkey Hat.  Thanks Moo for your help x

edit:  today I am linking up with Annie for this week's smiles as she said this post made her smile.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Woyww #243 - a pile of unfinisheds

Hello Wednesdayer's. I am very cold sitting up here in the loft so I won't be staying - just long enough to finish at least one of the many things I have on my desk this week.

Front left is my cardigan that I have just finished sewing up, then realised it was wonky and I have to undo the collar and I don't like it on me as it makes me look like a balloon in a vey think cardi (ie not very flattering). Front is Small's Cub uniform with a half sewn badge on, I must have been interrupted. Blinded by the light is a napkin I am going to attempt to embroider a tea cup onto (just because I haven't done it before and I want to). Middle back is the Sock Monkey hat Moo was knitting. Well she has gone back to the UK now and left me to sew it up. Nearly done. Next to that is a Zentangle I am working on in between the sewing and knitting jobs. I come up to do one thing and then I start doodling and before I know it, time is flying by. Left top are the finished thrum socks which I am very happy with. Just need to do a three needle bind off which means I need to ckeck YouTube to see how to do it. I think that is everything.

Off for a cup of tea and a blog hop - nothing better x