Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Woyww - one legged no faced monkey

Hey, I have been awol for some time now. I went to England and it was fabulous. There was a proper spring with lambs frolicking and daffodils dancing. We absolutely loved it but had to come to back to Canada as this is where we live. I was hoping the snow would have gone and maybe we would have our own Spring, but alas it is still Winter here. Still, it means I get more time to craft I suppose. Well the reason I am here is because it is Wednesday and I am joining in with What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

I am not at my desk because I have been crocheting in front of the TV. Today my desk is my pouffe with the Ipad showing a pattern for a Monkey from Annaboos House. I have made this one before but for some reason (maybe jetlag) I am struggling to do it's second leg!

I just noticed that it looks like the poor thing has been stabbed where I have left my crochet hook. Whoops, off to rescue it right away before I get complaints.

Hope to visit as many of you as possible in between painting the kitchen, and crocheting a leg of course.