Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday's Thumbs

I have finished my Wrist Warmers

Can you see the owl? I didn't want to add the buttons for eyes because I wanted them to look a little more grown-up.

....and I am very pleased with myself because the pattern said "....and for the left arm, just reverse the pattern". WHAT. HOW DO YOU DO THAT when there is all that cable and stuff? Well I winged it and I think I did okay!

I especially liked doing the rib. It was different and a stitch I haven't done before, but it does look very effective and is so very warm. Believe me, we need the warm here some wintry days.

Maybe I will get to finish some other things now.


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

WOYWW #191 - thumbless, toeless, Pom-pomless....

Hello WOYWWers. Welcome to my desk and everyone else's all around the globe.

Starting at the front and working around the desk in a roundabout way.....

Still that same chocolate (how have I resisted?) well if I am very honest, I haven't spent much time up here so it's easy to forget it's there! My sock, still trying to get to that elusive toe! Bamboo needles put away as I have nearly finished my Wrist Warmer, just a thumb needs adding. Some very old bobbins I picked up in the Thrifty Store for just 50c (bargain). My Nanny Slippers awaiting a Pom-Pom, but I have an excuse for that. My knitting lady is ordering me one of those fabulous Pom-Pom makers (instant poms) and I haven't been able to get there as I have had children at home. Ha!

My book, Vogue Knitting which is great if I want a stitch explained. Propped against my sewing machine is a new pattern for wrist warmers (was that there last week?) and some wool to make them with. This week I broke one of my favourite mugs. I call it my Padstow mug but can't remember why now, I didn't get it from Padstow! I can't bear to throw it away so it is now a knitting needle holder as is my Pooh mug which is a crochet hook holder! There is a cup of tea in my Union Flag mug and then the wrist warmer I am finishing (the thumb!), with the pattern from the Mollie Makes Magazine.

Gorgeous case of shiny hooks, sewing box, monkeys, bit of zentangle and a rogue Pom-Pom that fell off Aunty A's slipper last week - she has gone home now to Windy London, UK where she is hibernating for a week till she goes off to Edinburgh. We are now visitor-less so maybe some more crafting or finishing will take place. Here's hoping.

Right, enough from me. Go and look at some more interesting desks and see what inspiration you can bring back for me.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

WOYWW #190 - two slippers, half a sock and a wrist warmer

Wednesday. Yes I did get a small reminder from Brenda (thank you) and here I am, showing you my desk as per the What's on your Workdesk Wednesday gang.

My desk.......

Oh look, the Chocolate is still there. My sock (still in exactly the same state as last week, whoops). A new wrist warmer for the other hand (the instructions, which were supposed to be for a beginner wanting a challenge, are difficult. For the other hand it says, reverse the instructions - easier said than done). Tape measure. Nanny Slippers - awaiting a Pom Pom.

There is a borrowed pattern for some more wrist warmers, my mints, a mug full of needles, crotchet hooks and scissors. Sewing box with my boys' Cubs/Beavers uniforms and badges waiting to be sewn on. New wool and a gorgeous case full of shiny new crochet hooks. (Christmas Present from Huffle).

Ooooh I like shiny things.

I will hopefully be desk-hopping tomorrow but as usual I have an excuse (visitor from London, England). Actually she has asked me to teach her to crochet so maybe she will be on my table next week ha ha ha.


Friday, 18 January 2013

Wrist Warmer and a Slipper

Today I went to my knitting group. We all decided to have a go at knitting Nanny Socks. These, apparently, are a very Canadian thing started by Grandmas (Nannys) who made them for her grandchildren. I managed to knit, sew and add a Pom-Pom to one whole slipper.

I will add this pattern to the blog at some point soon. It's so easy (well I finished it in just over two hours).

Also I managed to finish my owl wrist/arm warmer that I was knitting. (I should sew the ends in and sew on some buttons for eyes).

I am really pleased with it. It was supposed to be a beginner knit (for those who wanted a challenge). It certainly isn't a beginner knit but it wasn't too hard. It's lovely Nd chunky and warm and I can't wait to make my next one although my Knitting lady gave me a pattern for a different wrist warmer which I fancy doing too. Maybe I will be a one sock, one glove, one slipper person and NEVER finish the second ones!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

WOYWW #189 - how many needles does it take to make a glove?

Hello woyww'ers. Never heard of it? Where have you been? Try this then.

So here is my desk. It is a temporary desk as it is cold and dark up in the loft today and I wanted to knit in front of the TV. Today I am using our Games/Homework/extra craft table, and on it is.......

Arm Warmers! I decided to have a go at making the lovely owl arm warmers from Mollie Makes. My Mum is over visiting from England and she buys Mollie Makes and saves them up for me so I get a big pile every visit. I am so lucky. I love these arm warmers/gloves and because it uses cable (have never done any cable) I thought I would take advantage of Mum being here to help me.

So three needles, knitting in the round - no problem, fourth needle to actually knit and then another needle to put the cable stitches on - oh my goodness - now it's confusing. I thought this would be easy after knitting the sock for the last three months.

I will persevere and let you see how I get on.

P.s. the sock is still growing. On the foot part, another few inches and I'll be at the toe. Then I guess I have to start the other foot.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

WOYWW #188 - tidiness

It's Wednesday, and this time I didn't need reminding. However, I haven't done ANY crafting. I blame my Mum for visiting for six weeks, or Christmas, or the fact I went to New York, then it was New Year. All these excuses. But I did tidy up so my desk is nice and clean and ready for work.

That Choclate is still there. My new crochet hooks in their little bag. Sewing box. Sewing machine (must get a cover for that!). A bit of Zentangling I was doing on a mount with my new pen that Huffle bought me. A lovely card made by the talented Brenda and my new tiny scissors that came with an issue of Mollie Makes (thanks Moo).

I am hoping that I will start 'making' soon. In the meantime go and see what others are doing here.


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WOYWW #187 - Christmas Presents

Happy New Year. I forgot it was a Wednesday again (thanks Brenda) so I just rushed upstairs to my craft table, took a photo and came down to have my breakfast (though for most of you it will be the middle of the day!).

I had two lovely crafting books, one Martha Stewart - Encyclopaedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts and Mollie Makes Christmas. Moo gave me a lovely little bag full of different ribbons and some different coloured cottons. The bar of Choclate is a present that never got given so I guess I will have to claim it as my own. Huffle bought me a gorgeous little case full of different coloured aluminium crochet hooks. There is some ribbon from PJ's and my ever so slowly increasing sock.

That's me done for today. Hope you all had a super Christmas and have a fabulous 2013. I have my Mum here visiting from England so forgive me if I don't visit as many as I should (always an excuse!).

Of course, I am here on WOYWW because of Julia and her wonderful world of desk hopping.