Saturday, 29 September 2012

Herb Stones

This week I stamped some stones that we picked up at the beach in summer. They are now in place in my herb bath. Sounds exotic but it's just an old tin bath that we plant are small herbs into before they get planted out in their own pots or in the veggie garden.


Shame the basil is a bit past it.



Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Woyww #173 - squares and stones

Hello. Wednesday again. What's on your workdesk? Wednesday.

I have been crocheting round squares. All because of Annaboo and Blair Wise. They both made the most amazing cushion covers. So that is what I am making. And here is where I have got to so far.....

That should be enough for the front

And this is the start of the back.

I have also been stamping stones with names of herbs. I saw them selling something similar in the garden centre and I thought ah ha, I can do that.

I had to undo my sock. I was knitting it inside out. Brenda was a help, thank you for all who suggested her. I went back to the shop. The lady put the the right way. Then I dropped a stitch, picked it up, added another one, did the pattern wrong and before I knew it, I had pulled all of it off and started again. Except now I have forgotten what I am doing. So I have cast on my stitches and left it on my desk till Friday when I will go back to the knitting group and get some help.

So for now I am madly crocheting round squares and randomly stamping beautiful stones. Now I am off to look at everyone else's desks to see what wonderful things are going on there.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Round Squares

I am addicted. There I have said it. I crocheted one square,

then another few.....

and then another and before I knew it there were a small pile of them.


I am planning on making a cushion cover. I saw it on Annaboo's House and she posted a link to Blair Wise who had made the same thing and given a tutorial. The tutorial was fabulous and very easy to follow.

This is a great project use up all those old bits of wool.

I can't wait to finish it but I'm not even halfway there yet.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Woyww #172 - an inside out sock?

Hello. Well last week I thought Wednesday was Monday and today I have decided Tuesday is Wednesday. Still with me? Never mind. Whats on your workdesk Wednesday - people from all over the world show their workspace. Most people do this on a Wednesday, hence the name.

Enough waffling.............

I wish I could tell you I tidied up after last week's mess, but really it is on the chair, under the desk and around it. I will do it one day, I promise.

So on my desk is my main project I am working on, Socks. However, am I knitting it inside out? The lady who taught me to knit on the round, said after the rib, just knit. But to me it looks inside out. Anyone have any ideas?

I would be ever so grateful if anyone can put me right. I daren't do any more rows in case it all has to be undone. I am not due back to my knitting group until a week on Friday - I don't think I can wait that long!

The other big thing on my desk is my Granny Blanket. Now that it is getting cooler (especially at night), it is lovely to have this over my knees whilst crocheting.

It takes me approximately 20 minutes per side. That's 1 hour 20 mins per round. I can only manage one round per night. Also it takes approximately 40g to go all the way round. That's a while ball of wool nearly. This project started out to be a 'use up all the odds and ends' and then I bought some wool from the thrifty shop. I wanted to make it as big as a king size bed. It is nearly wide enough but ot long enough. my Mum suggested I just crochet the sides now but I don't know if that will look right.

The only other major thing on my desk is beads. I tried to follow a pattern for Turkish Bracelets but couldn't get it, so I am now making friendship bracelets but with beads in. It's not bad. Need practice.

I think that's enough of me, I am now off to see what everyone else is up to. This will take up the majority of my day I know and I have Smallest with me tomorrow. I can't understand why he isn't as interested as I am.


Saturday, 15 September 2012


I joined a knitting group yesterday at a local town. I went in, I didn't know anyone, I had nothing I particularly wanted to knit, but I wanted to meet like minded people and get better at knitting.

In just two hours I learnt how to knit 'in the round' and am on my way to making my first sock.

This is what I am hoping it will look like. And this is what it looks like now......

I have to say I am quite proud of myself. I went into somewhere by myself and forced myself to meet people and learnt something new too.

The wool is gorgeous, if not a little pricey, but then I do normally buy my wool from the Thrifty Shop.

Now I have a problem. I know there are sock knitters out there. I have finished the rib and am now just 'knitting' but it looks like it is inside out. Is it? I vaguely remember the lady next to me saying "make sure you are not knitting it inside out". It is bobbly on the outside and smooth on the inside. Have I done something wrong?

Friday, 14 September 2012

Wood fit for a Queen

While we were on holiday a few months back, we picked up loads of driftwood and stones. My neighbour looked after our garden and house and when she saw what we were doing with the driftwood, she wanted a sign made. We call them The Royals (it's a play on their name and absolutely nothing to do with the Comedy Series or the the fact that they resemble the Royal family - although they are English).

So here is what I made.

They have hung it in their Boot Room.

Now I had another idea for the stones when I visited a Garden Centre the other day. Will show you soon.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Woyww #171 - a right bloomin' mess and the wrong day

EDIT : It has just been pointed out to me that it is not even Wednesday yet! DOH!

Hello. Wednesdays mean WOYWW. Sorry I have been AWOL for a week. I haven't done any crafting and no blogging (not on this one anyway) because we had a visitor from England for a week, which was lovely, but my crafting was on hold. Anyway, back now but I have to make a big apology for the state of my desk. I wasn't going to take a photo because I was too embarrassed but what the heck. It's my desk and maybe it will make me tidy it now its on the big ol' net.

I'm not sure if I can explain what all the mess is really. There is a present there for Small from our last visitor. Still the swimming Towels and badges to sew. Tissue paper used for wrapping presents recently. Our tea tray (that's where it went!) with a pile of stuff to put away on it.

....and worse here is my chair.........

No point in telling you anything else. I promise I will tidy it before next week.

I did finish my Russian Doll Key Ring though.....


Meanwhile, I have been shopping in a little consignment shop here. I picked up a lovely Alfred Meakin Gravy Jug.......

And a gorgeous Myott plate.....

The colours are lovely. I can't remember how much they cost but together they were under $15.

Right, off to look at all those lovely tidy desks now around the world.