Tuesday, 18 June 2013

WOYWW #211 - sock with rib this time

Hi. Wednesday again and note I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday. Tut tut. I am joining in with What's on your Workdesk Wednesday in order to show you my desk.

Not a lot has been going on, in fact I don't think I have even been up to my desk since last Wednesday. I did go to my knitting group and I did undo the sock I was making and I did start again. I realised before that I hadn't started with a rib so this time I did and it feels and looks a lot better. I am making a work sock. Cream with a couple of red stripes and a red heel and toe and the rest a grey marl or merle as it is called here.

Nothing else to report except I am having fun with my Mum here so may not have time to visit much.



Tuesday, 11 June 2013

WOYWW #210 - sock, sleeve, sheep

WOYWW stands for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday? This idea was started by Julia of Stamping Ground fame. Who knew it would be sooooo successful. Even though I have only been joining in for about two and a half years, it is fascinating. All those desks (200 some weeks), all those crafty people, all the lovely things to see. Such lovely comments, great ideas, tips........ It's greeeaaaattttttt.

My desk this week is in the dark. It is a photo from Tuesday night because where I live (Canada), it isn't Wednesday until nearly midday in the UK. Enough excuses, here it is......

My sleepy sheep is very nearly finished, just a few ends to sew in. I haven't got any further with my crochet flower. I do have a new lamp on the desk. Although the lighting is good up in the loft, in the evening it is nice to have a brighter directional light. I am about half way through my sleeve as I started a new project (I know, I should have finished one thing before starting another but I am a bit bored of my cardi now. It's so thick and chunky and I can't imagine wearing it, I will finish it though soon I promise). My Mollie Makes magazine is open to a page I found very intriguing. Big crochet cushions with a lovely vintage fabric on the other side and a big handmade button in the middle. Ummmmmmmmmmmm.

So, my new project. I have a joined the 'Sockalicious' group at my knitting shop. The idea is we learn a different sock pattern each month. I am two months behind because I joined late. The one I am doing at the moment is a work sock (like the original sock monkey sock). I started it but I seem to have gone wrong and will have to rip it all out and start again. Moo (my Mum) is here visiting from England at the moment and we haven't had much time for crafting (though she has sewn on the kids badges on various things - yay).

Right, I will try and visit tomorrow but I am gardening on the rooftop of the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto. It's going to be a warm one. Have a nice day x



Tuesday, 4 June 2013

WOYWW #209 - wake up sheep

Hello. Today is Wednesday (well in some parts of the World). WOYWW stands for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday? Well, funny you should ask..........

It was, until an hour ago, really tidy and clear. My mum arrives from the UK tomorrow and half of the loft is for her so I had a good tidy up. Then I sat down to do this post and I got carried away 'doing'. Still, a clean, tidy desk is no fun for you to look at is it?

Now let me try and explain what all my mess is about.

The usual pile of swimming towels, beavers uniform and blanket ready for badges to be sewn on. Now I know I had this to do last week, but my excuse is, my Mum is much better at sewing on badges than me, and wouldn't she just love to do it! So there it sits until at least tomorrow.

IPad with instructions for Sleepy Sheep. Glass of water. A new project (like to have new things on the go) it is going to be a tea cosy and I am just making it up as I go along. Stuffing that I had to take out of Sheeps arms as they were too full. The pink yarn, crochet hook and magazine is to make flower coasters, I just saw it this afternoon and started making it. A disembodied sheep. He now has a face and ears, I have to sew his limbs on (the wool is driving me mad, everytime I pull it tight, it breaks, which is why it isn't finished yet).

My tin of bits, ever handy. And last but not least on the left is my cardi sleeve no2, not quite up to my elbow yet, but it may be finished next week (not sewn up thought I doubt).

As I said Moo, my Mum, is here for six weeks, so who knows how much I will get done while she is here. Maybe a lot, maybe nothing, but I know one thing, all our washing will be kept up-to-date, folded, put away and the boys will be well read to.

I am off now to see what everyone else is up to, I am looking forward to seeing all those lovely ATC's that everyone swapped last week.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Present Received

A while ago I made a present for my friend in the UK who loves to visit us in Canada. She also loves coffee. I made her a cafetiere cosy, however I didn't know she didn't own a small cafetiere and she had to go out and buy one, whoops!

Anyway, she has her cafetiere now and she has used her cosy. Se sent me a photo.

Awww thanks Aunty A.

P.s. anyone notice it matches my Pouffe cover and Small's Nimp?