Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Woyww #165 - unembellished chicken and a flat monkey head

I am still on holiday, therefore my crafting table is really just a bag, a coffee table, an outside table and occasionally a beach (although sand in the wool is rather annoying!).

So today, here is my WORKDESK - which is a flat rock next to the lake -

The present I was working on, still needs a few embellishments. Some lovely retro pink wool (I love how this wool pulls out from the middle so I don't have to lose the label and it keeps the wool together. Genius!

The start of my neice's monkey (his head, which I realised in this shot, I forgot to fill it!) and my crochet hook.

My Smash Book with a hasily scribbled pattern from Annaboo's House.

A collection of sticks and stones my lovely boys brought to my 'table' to make it look better.

I am having a lovely relaxing time and haven't had too much time for crafting. I have been doing a lot of reading though which is something I don't normally get to do. I finished the book I came with (The Help - very good) and I finished another book Moo left me (One Moment, One Morning) within about three days.

So I guess I will have to finish my crafting now and try and get the sand out of this monkey and stuff his head!

Go and have a look at Julia's blog and see what everyone else is doing this Wednesday.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Woyww #164 - holiday crafts

Hello. It's Wednesday (well it is in the UK, maybe not here in Canada but hey!). Now I am joining in with What's on your workdesk whilst I am on holiday. Nothing better than a bit of outside holiday crafting (or vacation as we should say).


On my desk today is:-

A bag of Hot Pink wool (I got from the thrifty shop - it looks old), I promised my niece I would make her a crochet monkey with some of it. There is also some pale pink felt for his face and a box full of different coloured buttons for his eyes as not decided what colour to use yet. I have a Mollie Makes Magazine in case I need inspiration. My smash book with an idea in for a Jumper Owl. Need to find an old jumper first. That's a project for another week!

I also have a 'nearly finished' item I am making as a present (SSshhhhhhhhhhh), a bag of stuffing in my lovely giveaway win bag by Faded Reverie, a knitting pattern and my cup of tea.

Right, well I best get on then. I will try and visit as many as I can tomorrow but please bear in mind I am on holiday (did I mention that?) and there is a lot of resting, relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, eating and drinking to do.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Finished on a Thursday

Finally, I finished my crochet doll which I started with Annaboo's CAL ages ago.

She is such a poser. Sitting in the various greenery pots around the garden..............



I am quite pleased with her. I still can't quite follow a pattern but I am more confident than I was. I will certainly have a go now.

Thanks Annaboo - you did a wonderful tutorial, I know it was hard work for you. I hope you do another one some time soon.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Woyww #161 - whoops

What's on your workdesk Wednesday as hosted by Julia at Stamping-ground.blogspot.com. I originally lined this group so I could finish things I said I would finish. However, with my Mum visiting from the UK, I haven't been doing any crafting.


The lovely bunting above the table, that Lunch Lady Jan sent, goes beautifully with my tablecloth. My doll has half a dress, will try harder to finish it. At least I kind of finished her hair, just can't decide whether to keep it down, put it in pigtails, etc.

There is a knitting pattern that my Mum brought with her, a bunch of Mollie Makes Magazines, my smash book, a lovely toilet roll lion Small made and an ATC that Bridget sent me.

Amazing isn't it? Thanks Bridget.

And that's it (oh apart from Smallest's sock Monkey, his arm is falling off so I need to mend him!

I am off to hop around the world's desk now.

P.s. thank you to all who commented last week. Normally I would visit all who visit me as well as others but I ran out of time. Sorry, please forgive me, I promise I will try harder this week.