Wednesday, 28 September 2011

woyww #121 - breakfast

Well I am late today - normally I am very organised but I didn't even realise it was Wednesday today till I looked at the calendar.

My wonderful, beautiful, dear (all her words! - not really) friend 'Yahoo' came today for breakfast - I mentioned to her that I hadn't even started my "What's on your workdesk Wednesday" post and she suggested I take a photo of our breakfast so - ta dah

If you look closely you may just be able to see my kntting - I didn't want to be a complete fraud this week by just showing you my breakfast - hey anyone can do that!

My Baby Bonnet

I am a bit worried that I may not have enough wool to finish this.  I don't think there is much more to do though so fingers crossed.  This is taking far too long to finish because I keep picking up other things and the pattern is knit one, purl one on one row and then knit one slip one and it takes ages (for me anyway).

This is all that's left of the wool!

I am also trying to figure out what to do about the tea cosy

This is my drawing of what I wanted it to look like and the pattern I scribbled out while I was making it

.................. so I bought a pattern for one which also includes some other projects I'd really like to have a go at

Also my new bamboo crochet hook and some bells for my Korknisse
Also bought a photo album for my family history photos

Maternal Grandad & Grandma.  Grandma as a child and Grandad in his uniform

So that's a slighty different one this week.  This woyww is something that blogs and people from around the workd take part in and it's amazing how many really talented people there are out there - go and have a peek if you haven't already.

Monday, 26 September 2011

mmom #8 in London

Today my Meet me on a monday is in London, where I spent the day with my Mum (Moo) and my friend (Aunty A).  I know I'm late and it's nearly Tuesday but come on - London is a long way away.

I am.....................................................

Listening to the rain beat down - it was a fabulously sunny day all day, then it got dark and the heavens opened just as we were heading for the train station to come home.

Ooh look at that cloud!

Absolutely piddling it down

Waiting for our train as we missed the last one by one minute - can you believe it?

Buying two Pashminas for £5, a bamboo crochet hook and some bells to add to my Korknisse for Christmas. And some birthday presents for Small (can't tell you 'cos he reads this).

Eating a wonderful Risotto Verde (green beans, courgette, asparagus, broccoli) absolutely yum.

This was Aunty A's Pizza Rustica

This was my plate with a bit of A's Pizza, a bit of Moo's Pasta and my Risotto.

Drinking a bottle Peroni(ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and several cups of coffee.

Wondering how they got all those bottles of wine on the ceiling at the restaurant we ate in.

Taking photos of London Buses for Small. I borrowed his camera on the understanding that I brought back photos of buses, tower bridge and Buckingham palace. Whoops, one out of three.

Loving this really big shoe. Well what woman wouldn't? It was from the Theatre where Priscilla Queen of the Desert was on.

Hating the fact that my new shoes I wore today absolutely killed my feet. Teach me for not breaking them in properly first!

Listening to what Huffle got up to in the day whilst I was swanning around London.

Making a bonnet for my friends baby to be (yes still - well I did have to start all over again remember!), still working out how to make another tea cosy that isn't so big Huffle has to wear it!

Why not join in here and whatever you are doing - HAVE A NICE DAY

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lay a little egg for me

I was asked if I could make a PINK chicken for a friend.  This is the result.

Looking proud

Perched in the clematis

Am I fluffy enough for you?


She doesn't look very pink but it is knitted in a lovely soft fluffy subtle pink wool.  And she was very happy sitting in our clematis.


Friday, 23 September 2011

Cosy Omelette

I made a Tea Cosy for my friend's tea pot (she got me tickets to see Adele and for that I am ETERNALLY grateful).  I made the pattern up as I went along - I can do that with simple knitting but not with crochet!  Anyway, this is what I made .....

However it was too big and baggy...........................

So I put it in hot water and it stretched.  So I put it in boiling water and it stretched even more.  So I put it in the tumble dryer on HOT and it just became stretchy and very baggy so.....................................

I gave it to Huffle and he put it on his head..........................

........................doesn't he look happy?  And there is even a space for his ears!!

This evening we made our signature Omelette (Listen to me, "signature" - I've been watching too much of The Great British Bake off - LOVE IT).

It is a 4 egg, six vegetable, 3 seed omelette with herbs and parmesan.

Veggies and seeds tossed in a little Olive Oil

We used Carrot, onion, courgette (from our garden), Mushrooms, Green and Yellow pepper, Pumpkin, Pine Nut and Sunflower seeds.

Omelette in the pan

Just add Rice and Peas and serve on a hand painted plate - VOILA

Phew - am full now.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Woyww #120

We are on number 120? Really? I know I haven't been doing this for THAT long but WOW, well done Julia, for keeping this going so well for so long.

Today my desk is not a desk, or my kitchen table, or my picnic rug, oh no, today it is my fireside rug and the hearth. Why? Because I sit on the settee in the evenings to knit or crochet and things just started to spread around me.

My bag of wool. My granny blanket (which I don't think has grown since last week), Mum's knitting needle bag, my workbasket, mario sketches (Small's eighth birthday soon and he wants a Mario cake), my made up knitting pattern, friends teapot and tea cosy (not yet sewn together - watch this space).

Last week I was making a baby bobble hat for a friends baby to be, well I put it down for a few days while I started the tea cosy and when I picked it up I had no idea where I was in the pattern. Doh! So I undid it all and I've started again.

There is also my Mollie makes magazine which I am reading in between knitting.

I would also like to show you some bread that Smallest made at school last week. The teacher bought the dough in and the kids plaited it and baked it. Small and Smallest ate it for their tea. Smallest came out of school on Friday and said - "it's sunday night bread mummy for jewings". He meant Jewish Friday Evening bread. Ahh bless him.

Now it's time for you to check out some proper desks and see what others are doing this Wednesday.

Monday, 19 September 2011

MMOM # 7

MEET ME ON A MONDAY WEEK 7 - as started by the lovely Clare at Jumbleberrries.

Hello, its nice to see you - what have you been up to this weekend?

I am listening to Adele because ever since I saw her in concert (last week) I am obsessed with her music - she is a true genius and I just can't get enough of her music - Both of her albums are fabulous.

I am waiting for the Estate Agents to ring to arrange for someone to see the house after the offer fell through last week.  Boooo

I am readng my Mollie Makes Magazine - LOVE IT.

I am researching  schools in Canada - we are off there 2nd week in October and I need to contact them to see if we can have a look.

I am making a knitted tea cosy for my friends' teapot (without a pattern).

I am designing a cake for Small's 8th Birthday - he wants a Mario one.

Which of the Small's made that green smudge?

I am drinking my Rich Italian coffee.  I always say "Never say 'No' to a Rich Italian" whenever I drink it.

I am ironing a very large basket of shirts, duvet covers, tee shirts and school uniform - aaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhh.

I am very impressed that Clare has set up her MMOM post with Mr Linky - how clever is she?  Why not pop along and have a look at what she is doing and maybe join in.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Truly Inspirational

When I started this blog (31 March 2011), I never realised how much fun I would have.  I have seen so many blogs (alot of which I now follow) and got inspiration from lots of people.

I did not expect to inspire anyone else but look at this ..........................

..................................... and this

Both of these were made by a follower of mine (I call her my Stalker No1 because she always comments, she shouts in the street asking for my next post and rings me to tell me she's read it etc etc - she always has a kind word to say).

Anyway, she asked if I would make a cake for her son and while I was thinking about it she decided I had inspired her enough to try and make her own - pretty good eh?

And the blankie - well she has always been able to crochet (and knit) but after seeing me at the cricket crocheting week after week - she decided to have a go again.

WELL DONE STALKER NO 1 - YOU HAVE DONE A FABULOUS JOB (and now I know I can go to Canada and not worry that no-one will make the village cakes) - now stop ringing me and get on with that chicken you are supposed to be knitting! x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

woyww #119

What's on your workdesk WEDNESDAY

I am back at my table looking out at the sunshine and wind.

On my table today I have a pile of cook books which I am looking through to get inspiration for Small's 8th Birthday cake (couple of weeks).

My ever-increasing Granny Blanket.

My Mum's knitting needle bag with some patterns.

wow - all those needles - and she says she gave loads away to charity becuase I didn't knit then!!

My new project - a little baby bobble hat - for my friend who is due in February.  She doesn't know what she is having so I thought I would make one blue pom-pom and one pink pom-pom and then sew it on when we know. 

My coffee and cafetier and my Smash Book.

It appears whenever I knit, I don't fully follow the instructions.  If there are a number of rows to knit, I start knitting and counting in my head.  That's not that easy when you have two small boys, an ever ringing telephone, dinner to cook, washing to hang out etc etc.  So I always find I've forgotton where I am.  I count the number of rows but that doesn't work properly.  Anyway the point I am trying to make is, whenever I knit something I always end up with one side longer than the other (this my family have started to call "Famfa's style")  When I am old and famous, people will know my work because of the assyemetrical style. 

I have done this again with this bobble hat but I think it will be okay because it buttons under the chin - Oh well I've got plenty of time to make another one if it looks ridiculous.

Sorry for waffling.  I've taken up enough of your time.  Off you pop to look at some desks here.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Wow, is it really six weeks since Clare started this?

Anyway,  here is my list this week:-

making a little pom pom hat for my friends baby (not born yet).  I've never made anything for a baby before (except a blanket) - how exciting.

cooking Turkey Meatballs for my boys (Smallests' first full day at school today and he requested Meatballs for his Dinner)

wearing sports gear because I have just been to the gym - I'm glad to get back to my routine.  It's all gone to pot since the Summer Holidays.

listening to Miles Kane Album - Inhaler - fabulous

watching Seven Dwarves - I never watched it from the beginning of the series so am now catching up on 4OD - its really good.

meeting my old playgroup pals tomorrow for a catch up and coffee

eating Weight Watchers Carrot and Lentil Soup - cos I don't want the good work of the gym to be wasted

loving the fact that our house has been sold already (It's only been on the market for a week - wahoo)

learning Italian with my boys

remembering I've put my washing out to dry and it is SOOOOOOOOOO windy here, need to keep checking my pants haven't flown over new next door neighbours.

whoops - just rescued Huffles trousers from the fence!

If you want to play along just pop over the Clare's Blog.  Leave me a comment so I can be nosey too.

Have a nice day x

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Whilst waiting for the first viewing of the house today, Smallest to finish school, and the Tumble Dryer man to look at my poorly dryer,  I watched The Great British Bake Off and crocheted a whole round on my blankie.

Anyway, on the Bake Off, they were making biscuits. This reminded me that when we were in Canada recently I bought four cookie stampers at the local Market.

Father Christmas, Pumpkin, House and Watering Can

Aren't they fabulous?

Well when I eventually found them (everything has been moved so the house looks less cluttered, which is great but I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING!!!), I thought I ought to make some cookies. 

So this is what I made while I waited for the second viewing of the house. 

However (why is there always an However in my posts?), I popped them in the oven and forgot to stamp them (wasn't that the whole point!), so I quickly took them out and prodded one stamp in and quickly chucked them back in the oven again.

Well this is what they should look like

And this is what they DID look like close up

But they actually did taste really good.

And the people liked our house - PLEASE BUY IT.

And the Tumble Dryer man was the most depressing man I have ever met - everything I said to him, he said, Oh well you know, doom and gloom, doom and gloom, blah blah blah, recession, blah, cold in Canada, blah blah.  And the Tumble Dryer is beyond repair!

p.s.  My lovely friend Em lent me her "British Bake Off" book, and then I went and made scones and got some sconey stuff on the pages, and then they stuck themselves together (the pages) and now I can't give it her back.  She has given it to me as a leaving present - bless her.  Thanks Em. x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

woyww #118 and cosy huffle sleeps

Well it's not a workdesk.  Its a floor.  And on my floor today, there is my workbasket (ooh look at me), and my knitting bag and granny blanket.  The only reason I have a work basket is because I need to keep the house ultra tidy in case we get any viewings.  So I keep what I am working on in my basket , tucked down the side of the settee.

Anyway, in my basket are some balls of wool (why aren't they in my wool bag?), some photo albums (still for my family album that I haven't stuck in!) A doll's knitting pattern (Mum brought it round AFTER I knitted Gunkey Monkey's jumper - oh well maybe I can knit Piglet one now).  My knitting bag just has many balls of wool in it and my blanket has grown a little bit more.

Doesn't Huffle look cosy? - he tucked his feet in, but a few more rounds and I think he might fit under it properly.  This project was supposed to be one I picked up now and again but I find it so hard to resist.  As soon as I sit down I have to start crocheting.  That is why I have nothing else to show.  Although in my defence I have been busy painting the house, cleaning and packing.  Can I be let off do you think?

Now go and look at some other desks, floors etc at

p.s.  thank you for all your lovely comments.  I love to read them and I try to comment back.  I have been struggling to keep up with all the woyww participants lately and find it difficult to keep up with the regular blogs I follow.  Must try harder (sounds like my school report).

Monday, 5 September 2011


I am playing along with Clare's "Meet Me On A Monday" today, and we are now on week 5. So here goes:-

This week I'm

* making the house look clean and tidy so someone will buy it. (It is for sale).

* growing potatoes under my nails - yuk - I spent so long in the garden yesterday making it look presentable but my nails are now ruined!

* cooking spaghetti bolognese for my good friends' the "Elderflower Meadows" - they are coming for tea.

* listening to Amy Winehouse 'Frank' - Good album. I like it almost as much as Back to Black - its a bit more raw.

* visiting the Library because my book is sooooo overdue I could have bought it in the first place - arrrggghhhhh - so annoying

* loving the fact that both kids are at school and I have time to BLOG - Hurrah

* remembering that Smallest is only at school till 12 O'Clock so I need to start making the dinner, and finish off making the beds, emptying the dishwasher etc etc etc etc.

* remembering (ohh nearly forgot) it's my 11th wedding anniversary today and huffle bought me this

Do you think he's trying to tell me something?


Let me know what you are doing. Leave me a comment so I know you're playing, pop over to to find out how to participate.