Wednesday, 14 December 2011


This week on my table is a finished (at last) scarf for Smallest lovingly crocheted.  Also there is the start of another scarf but for Small this time, knitted on lovely big needles.  

Both of these scarves are supposed to be for Christmas presents for my special little boys.  However, I realised yesterday that the other ball of wool for Small's scarf is in the container, on the ship, which is refusing to come to our house TILL THE 28TH DECEMBER - Sorry for shouting but I'm mad!

Poor Small.  Hope it doesn't get too cold till after Christmas.

Anyway, my desk isn't very exciting.  Bear with me, next year (that's not as far away as it sounds) I will have my desk and my craft room and all my lovely craftiness supplies.  Ahhhhhh how I miss you, wool and ribbons, needles and crochet hooks, felt and material, glue and buttons, corks and beads, paints and paintbrushes - all of it.  I miss it all!

Next week I hope to have some christmas stockings in the making as they too are on the ship, and how will Santa deliver our presents to us in our new house if our stockings aren't hanging up.  So it's off to the Thrifty store again to find some suitable material (although I don't have my sewing kit either so my temporary one will have to suffice).

Go and have a look here at other peoples loveliness.

Thank you again to all of those people that comment on both of my blogs.  I have had such lovely words and comments from people I know and people I only know through writing the blogs.  It has been a difficult time for me and my family and the comments have been wonderful to read.  Thank you also to Brenda from Butlers Abroad for linking me on woyww the last couple of weeks because I don't have my computer yet and the IPad doesn't let me use Mr Linky.


Annie said...

Oh how frustrating for you. I really do hope you are back with your crafty goodies very soon and life can start to get sorted for you.
A x

Anonymous said...

One day you'll look back at all of this and laugh.... just not today perhaps!! We're having a milder December than usual so hopefully it'll stay that way for you until the container arrives. On the bright side though it looks like Moo brought Christmas with her!

Brenda 68 (Yay, I'm playing this week!)

Mary Ann said...

I just did my first WOYWW. I've been following it for ages but never thought to post on it so I made the plunge:)

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh Poor you!! What a disaster! never mind, you will still have a wonderful Christmas surround ed by those who matter most, and one year you'll look back and laugh at all this shenanigans.
Bit late getting on this week due to various disasters, but belated happy WOYWW
Lou #102

Twiglet said...

Hope you get all your bits and bobs back soon. It is so frustrationg when you know where it is and can't get to it. Have a good Christmas. x Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It must be sooo frustrating not being able to get your belongings until after Christmas. Hope you and your family just enjoy being in your new home, the first festive season of many :)
hugs, LLJ #34 xx

505whimsygirl said...

The scarves look so nice and warm. Sounds like you've moved and your goodies haven't caught up with you yet. They'll be there soon enough, I hope.

Speaking for myself, if I'm not doing something with my hands my mind starts to go...... hee hee


Julia Dunnit said...

Argh, 28th!! Never mind, it will be like Christmas all over again, and soooo settling for you all to have your own stuff around. the weather is being weird, soi keep crossed fongersforsmall not needing his scarf too soon. Also, in this house, we use pillowcases when the stockings are missing!

okienurse said...

Oh my! Moves are always a pain in the butt but especially at this time of year! We moved to Colorado the 12th of December 1982 and I thought the world had gone insane...turns out it was just me. Good luck getting the stocking and Christmas all set up. Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

Annaboo said...

What a pain in the wotsit moving is! I hope you manage to get your stockings up soon.
I've posted your little giveaway gift to you, although I'm not sure it will arrive in time for Christmas (sorry), so view it as an early pressie for next year!!
Enjoy your weekend.

Shirley Pumpkin said...

I hope it is a mistake and you get your yarn in time for Christmas! Happy WOYWW 132. Thanks for Sharing!

Shirley Pumpkin #63