Monday, 13 February 2012

MMOM #7/12

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I am very late posting this today.  Blame Huffle's cousin, HB who is visiting at the moment.  Anyway it is still Monday here so, what have I been doing or what am I going to do this week:-
Walked a lovely walk to the lake and the beach.  It was beautiful.

Snowboarding tomorrow with HB and Smallest.
Sledging - we went yesterday.  It was so much fun although there were a few minor injuries.

Listening to the new Maverick Sabre album.  Wow what a voice.
Reading my new Mollie Makes Magazine that Moo sent me.  Inspired me to try and make some gorgeous crocheted wrist warmers.
Knitting my bag still.  But it has grown a little bit.

Made a snowman with the kids this afternoon.

Watching Bomb Girls
Eating too much English Cadbury's Chocolate
Baked Gingerbread hearts for valentines day for Small to take to school tomorrow for his friends.

Well that's me finished because it is nearly Tuesday.
Pop over to Clare's to join in.  Have a nice week. X

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Debbie said...

Lovely pics of the beach and the snowy scenes! Have a good week!

Debbie x