Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Woyww #167 - a crowned chicken and Monkey Fat Leg

Hello fellow 'what's on your work desk Wednesday'ers. I haven't been up to too much. I blame those kids of mine. "Mummy, why are you upstairs crafting when you should be playing with us?"

Anyway here is my desk today (after I removed the kids journals).

My chicken now has a felt crown as I am giving her to someone very Royal. I missed her birthday while we were away so I thought I would adapt this one for my friend Mrs Royal. Also my monkey for my niece. One leg is fat and the other leg is thin. I thought about redoing it but I thought it would be good to teach my nearly eleven year old niece that not everyone is perfect. Well I did eventually get the sand out of his crocheted skin after our holiday on the beach.

One of my Mollie Makes magazine has a keying to make with a lovely Russian Doll so I got it out to have a go but the boys found me. There is a big wooden 'F' on there as Smallest's name begins with F (Fmallest?). I haven't decided what I am doing with it yet. Last Christmas we bought Small an 'A' (Asmall?) and it just sits on his window. We said we would buy him a new letter for each Christmas and Birthday till it spells his name. Then we had the idea that we could cover them or paint them. They are on offer at the moment so I am busy buying the letters up and putting them away.

My favourite Denby cup and saucer is there which did have my coffee in but I drank it.

Last week Small got on with some stamping and made a new sign:-

It says "this is the lake octopus" - long story

We also made a cake for Huffle to cheer him up after he had to go back to work following our holiday:-

I had no input in the decoration, that was all the boys idea!

Right, I will get another coffee and pop round and see what everyone else's desk is looking like.


Shoshi said...

Great post, Famfa! Loved your kid's comment... right on the nail, eh? I wish you wouldn't put cake like that right under my nose - I could feel another 6 inches going on my waistline just looking at it lol! Fabulous! And I adore the bunting on your desk.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #10

Lindsay Weirich said...

that cake looks good to me! Happy WOYWW!
Lindsay-Frugalcrafter #25

Lisa Richards said...

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic CAKE! Kids have a way of getting at the heart of the matter. I remember giving up crafting for quite a few years because I was so addicted that I'd forget to fix lunch and change diapers. You know, little things like that, lol! Now that they're all grown it might be safe to begin again! ;)
Have a great WOYWW!
Lisa #36

sandra de said...

Looks like your whole family are creative .... the cake is wonderful.
Sandra @32

505whimsygirl said...

I just laughed at the title of your post! Crowned chicken and monkey fat leg! Tee hee.

That cake looks mighty yummy.

My blog candy is posted so check it out!

Hugs, Kay #37

RosC said...

That cake sure takes the cake in the decoration department! Enjoyed the view of your desk, chook, monkey, and so on.
Medieval 's' was often written as 'f' so maybe it the Middle Ages theme that will work. ;-)
Thanks for coming by.
Ros. #14

peggy aplSEEDS said...

that looks like such a yummy cake! enjoy the little ones cuz time flies so quickly! happy WOYWW!
thank you for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

Bella said...

Now I want cake for breakfast! Good thing there is none in the house!

scrappyjen said...

Great photos! I love the sign. And the cake... the cake... off to the fridge (it is only 8am!! lol) happy woyww, jenx 60

Annie said...

Those sort of cakes are the best sort....cos they are made with love :-)
A x #61

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Poof huffle having the post-holiday blues - that cake must have cheered him up!
And I really like the reasoning behind leaving one fat/thin leg on the monkey - it's a small way of counterbalancing the relentless onslaught of images that young girls are subject to these days...well done!!
Hugs, LLJ #74 xx

Anonymous said...

LOL! For the kids, summer is lovely - for us, it's great to have them home to play, but so frustrating when the ideas are flowing and time crafting is curtailed. But they are only young once :) That cake so reminds me of ones my kids "created" over the years - a sweet treat for sure.

Have a good one!

MA (2)

Joynana said...

OMG, chocolate cake... I want some... I am watching my weight and that just makes me hungary... #22

Jaki Morris said...

Mollie Makes, I love it but I only ever stroke the pages and sigh!

Love the look of the cake my eldest son made a fantastic sponge cake the other day, I'd give you a slice but.....!

Jaki #98

Peggy Cain said...

great post.. cake is looking good have a great week

Anonymous said...

I'm a Denby fan too, love their mugs the best. I just spotted that tiny, tiny radio in the middle of your desk too! Hah, a Royal chikkin!! Love Small's sign, can't believe how brown he got at the lake and Smallest is still so pale!! Love that cake, bet Huffle loved it too, and I bet there's none left either!

Brenda 5

Neesie said...

What a lovely post today Famfa.
So funny hearing about the monkey and chook ;D
I think it's wonderful that you've spent time with your boys. Mine got to be 6ft before I knew it, so time is precious!
The cake looks delish and I have a Denby mug that I have my cuppa in all day every day!
It always appears on my desk!

Twiglet said...

Great post and that cake has to be seen to be believed - I bet it was delicious. x Jo

butterfly said...

Lovely driftwood stamping from Small, and yum to that cake! Thanks for sharing your lovely fabric-y desk - so pretty just as it is! Happy WOYWW...
Alison x

Julia Dunnit said...

YOu can't fail to be cheered by such a wonderful cake! Needing to be cheered up after a holiday is a sign that it was a good one, so really, it's all good! I did smile at the thought of the sand exfoliating monkey! And then I laughed about Fmallest!! Just as my DD would have said when she was Fmall, so deaf was she! So your desk is wonderful, creative and entertaining. Perfecto!

okienurse said...

Oh my goodness...at least another 10# just went to my butt looking at that cake...tell the boys they owe me now...that cake looks so yummy!!! Love little pendant/bunting that matches the bag on your desk so well! Great post enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #38 btw what is a lake octopus?

Lisa West said...

Great crafts and yummy cake, I'm hungry! I used "Glossy Accents" as a glue and a sealer for those bottlecaps...Joann's or ACMoore ect. It dries clear and hard. Have fun!! Lisa

fairy thoughts said...

great post ... I remember the school holidays well, looks like you had fun making the cake... sugar overload
janet #9

Di said...

Fab cake, and I do love those driftwood designs :)

Belated Happy WOYWW, Di xx #7

Amy E said...

I wish I could make dolls and toys like you...you're so talented! Love the cake!!

Amy E. #4

Tertia said...

Nothing quite like crafting with the kids, is there? I really miss it now that mine are all grown up/ That cake looks delightful and I am sure would have cheered up even the glummest person on the planet.
Well done to the boys.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #116

Whimcees said...


Your workdesk is so colorful and inviting! Love it all. Your photography is beautiful - the boys did such a great decorating the cake and the octopus story sounds like it would be fun! Are you going to share? Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane #76