Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturdays Sewings

I can believe it, but my lovely family let me craft for two hours solid this morning. There was other things they wanted to do that didn't include me (football, Wii).

So I went upstairs, turned on the sewing machine, grabbed my crochet and looked at my ribbons. This is what I achieved.


A sock monkey made from a pair of Smallest's old English school socks and which he is going to send to his friend in England.

I kind of like him. He was machine sewn (my first one). Not very neat, but more secure than my hand sewing.

My British Heart. I s this on another blog somewhere. It didn't work exactly as I wanted it to, but I am still learning. ....and the bit I am not showing is where I had to undo a huge amount of crocheting (cushion cover) as part of it fell apart (and it doesn't seem to fit on the cushion I bought!!!!).


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