Sunday, 16 December 2012

Angels from across the World

Some time ago, I took part in a challenge. It was started by Jo at jozartydesigns. Everyone made two angels (in whatever medium they preferred) and sent one to Jo and one to a random blogger picked by Jo. I have already shown the beautiful one sent by Chris at PearShapedCrafting (I will show them both again at the end).

Anyway the Angel, made by Jo for me, travelled to Australia before it got to me in Canada. The parcel was addressed correctly so goodness knows how this happened. Also on her horrific journey, her head fell off. However, she is with me now, her head has been surgically attached and she is now hanging beautifully on our Christmas Tree.

So sparkly, so intricate.
Angel Manakel (Angel of Peace) and Avril Angel

Both very different, both very beautiful and both lovingly made.


Thank you ladies for my lovely angels.



pearshapedcrafting said...

Ooh! It's a good job that Angel Manakel is the angel of peace- no doubt she kept calm on her traumatic journey! They both look as though they're enjoying being on your tree with those lovely lights! Enjoy your time with your mum. Love, Chrisx

JoZart said...

So pleased Angle Manakel arrived at long last after her horrendous journey and decapitation. May she bring you peace and joy at Christmas and inspiration for a crafty 2013
Lots of love
Jo x
love all your alternative stockings!