Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Woyww #245 : all finished except for......

Today I am joining in with What's on your workdesk Wednesday. I know I don't have to explain what it is because the only people that come here are the woyww'ers. So welcome once again....

In the flowery bag on the left is my cardi (I took it to knitting last week and they persuaded me it was lovely and didn't make me look like a balloon in a cardi), it needs a little bit of unpicking but is nearly finished. Next to the bag are my socks which are complete apart from sewing in the ends and tightening up the 'thrums'. There is a sheep hat which is finished except for a curly bit on the ear flap (I'm not sure about this hat, I personally don't think he looks like a sheep but I'm not sure I can do much more to him). Below sheepy is another hat I am knitting, this time for me. I wanted something warm but floppy and the knitting pattern was on the reverse of the wool wrapper. I am going to add a huge pom-pom on the top.

At the front left is my new wool for my new socks. These have hearts going up the side. The wool is hand painted and is made with merino wool, kid mohair and mulberry silk (very expensive for a pair of socks but the colour is gorgeous (very valentiney). They start with a Turkish cast on (so thats new for me!). I may start them soon.

I think that's me done. I hopefully visited all that visited me and a few more. I couldn't leave comments on some (sorry about that) because it just wouldn't let me. I look forward to popping by and seeing the lovliness everyone has on their desks.



JoZart said...

You and I have both been busy clicking the needles with good results. Great to see what you've made and plan to make!
jo x

Annie said...

Like you, I've been knitting this week again but mine are just stress therapy squares :-)
Love that new red wool...sounds lush.
Annie x # 50

Anonymous said...

Love the sheep hat, it seems like you're working your way through the farm! I vote for a piggy hat next! Glad the cardi will work out, too much effort put in to it to not wear it. Lovely colour yarn for the new socks. It's too easy to spend a lot of money on sock yarn! It's all come a long way from when our parents first started knitting! I have a cold this week and may not play along (was too tired last night to do anything but watch a bit of the Olympics). I'll see how I feel when I get in tonight!


glitterandglue said...

What a busy bee you are with all that knitting - as you say, a very expensive pair of socks - but, oh, that colour!! Fabulous.
Margaret #74

Laura said...

Ah, knitting... I'll just sit quietly and watch in awe :)
Happy Wednesday

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Warm and floppy, huh?? Happy days :-D
Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love what's here today - your new wool is gorgeous and I love your green socks! 'I've started knitting again - after too many years! Made my GD's scarf now she's asking for a hat and wait for it a belt! Help!!! I think the belt may need to be a covering for an existing belt but a hat! Do I need four needles? Chris83

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Good to see the sheep hat is nearly finished. Love those socks, too. Happy day after WOYWW from #1.

505whimsygirl said...

Oh, I think the sheep hat will definitely look more like a sheep on one's head! I've never knitted socks and keep thinking about it. Actually, even though I've been knitting for a while it's mostly been very easy things -- like spa cloths for friends, scarves, and a few baby blankets. I knitted two vests from Sally Melville's book.

Happy belated WOYWW
Kay (86)