Saturday, 2 April 2011

C is for Cookie

This weekend we are celebrating Smallest's birthday.  He requested a Cookie Monster birthday cake and of course I love a challenge.  Normally I would have planned this cake months in advance and my friends and family would be helping with the drawings, research etc.  However this year I decided to just "go for it". 

Smallest came into the kitchen during the icing stage and said "that looks rubbish" and then "wow that does look like the Cookie Monster" - Phew - I didn't have to throw it at him after all.

I took photos of the various stages just to show how it was made:-

Is it a frog?
or a mess?

perhaps its looking a little more monstery

We haven't cut it yet (seems a shame) or tasted it, although I did have a blue tongue while it was being made - can't think how?


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