Friday, 15 April 2011

Royal Sailing

As promised I have created the boat cake needed for a party for this weekend. Plain sponge cake with a covering of butter icing in various shades (only pastel, as I always worry that too much colouring sends the kids doolally). I made sharks in the water circling the boat, an anchor with chain and a rubber ring. Hope the birthday boy is happy with it. I certainly had fun making it.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMALLEST'S FRIEND. x

Smallest's school is having a coffee morning too this weekend and I offered to make a few cakes for them to sell. The coffee morning is to celebrate the forthcoming Royal Wedding, so I decided to make something patriotic. I planned the cakes in my head but in reality they turned out more like the French flag (if the French flag was pink, cream and pale blue that is!)

They taste good though.
You have to try them before you give them to other people don't you?

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famfa said...

Cool. Face pop