Friday, 29 July 2011

Swedish Shopping

No crafts today as Mum and I took the kids to Ikea. Why? Well the kids said they wanted to go.    They were an absolute nightmare.  And we got lost twice on the way.  I had also thought I could pick up some bits and bobs - crafty wise - but I didn't.

However, I bought some lovely things (for those who know me or have read my other blog, I am supposed to be de-cluttering).

Some lovely purple glasses

Three (Well Mum said one was not enough) small vases

I was inspired to buy the small one-flower vases because I picked a Daisy from the garden the other day and remembered my Mum had once had a glass rose vase. I asked her if she knew where it was and if I could have it, and..................................

Ta - daaahhhhhhh

What a beauty - she said I could borrow  it.   Thanks Mum.


Sam said...

Only borrow it - how mean lol. loving those single flower vases though, I've yet to venture to an Ikea, if I keep banging on about it hubby will take me one day...I hope anyway :-)
Sam x

Wipso said...

Hi. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Not sure whether linen would be ok for the dresses. They seem to be asking for light weight cotton or poly cottons for ease of laundering. I guess the fabrics use for bedding is what they have in mind really. Thanks for your offer though.
A x

okienurse said...

Love IKEA but the closest is in Dallas Texas so it is a trip to get there. Love the flower vase your Mom loaned you! Sorry I am so late getting around but haven't felt well this week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie