Friday, 22 July 2011

Afternoon Tea, Cinders?


I had a craving for scones, and what do you do when you crave something that you haven't got in the pantry? Well you make it of course. Yummy scrummy scones. Made in the food processor and not because I was being lazy but because the recipe actually told me to.

...... and just in case you wondered what they look like sandwiched with butter and jam........


Made the base of the Cinderella cake so that I could spend the whole of Friday icing it. While I had all the ingredients out I thought it would be a nice surprise for Huffle if the kids made him a cake for his tea.

He was very happy with the pink sprinkles!!


Then Cinderella got dressed and went to the ball. It was my intention to show step by step photos but I kind of got carried away.

but here's my lovely mixer

here's my lovely silicone oven glove and cake tester

Her dress?

Ooh Cinders, put it away!
Ready for dancing

The cake has been delivered now. (I always take the legs off the dolls before I plunge them into The cakes and then leave the legs, dress, shoes etc with them for when the cake has been eaten, but this time I forgot the bits and bobs. I hope when they cut the cake and see she hasn't got legs that the poor birthday girl isn't traumatised). (when I mentioned to the birthday girl's mum I had forgotten the legs she said "of course she has legs, they are under her dress otherwise how would she dance?"). Good point.

Oh yes, while I was decorating Cinderella my mum was decorating mini cupcakes.


Now I know I said no chickens for a while but I had to show you this cutie that Lulabelle made.  She asked me for the pattern and made it the very next day.  In fact I've just checked her blog and she has made another two already.  The chickens may take over the world!

Right, now the cakes are finished it's time to get on with those Minions.

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