Friday, 12 August 2011

Corks, Cake & Crochet

And one more makes 4.

Smallest actually came up to me the other day and said "where is my cork man?". He went off and chose the wool, got my needles and picked his own cork.

So this one belongs to Smallest - he loves it.

I have been commissioned to make some Korknisse for a friend too, who wants to use them to display her 'meaningful' corks, i.e. one from her Wedding Day, one from when her children were born etc - what a lovely idea. 

I made a Banana and Chocolate cake (from The Great British Book of Baking) for a picnic we went on this week.  In all honesty, I had some bananas hanging around which were way past their best so this was the perfect thing to make.

They are not holes - they are great big chunks of chocolate - yum

Now when I went to take a photo of my cake, I accidentally left it on the video setting - (oh how my Huffle laughed - he wanted to see the video to see if the cake moved).  Well here is the video and if you watch it very very closely you might just see it wink ;o)

he, he, he, he.

My Crocheting is coming along quite quickly.  Maybe not as neat as I would have liked but I am very very new to this.  Each evenng I lay it on the floor of the lounge and when Smallest comes down in the morning he picks it up and admires it (he is so very appreciative of all my work).  He lays it across his lap to see if it is yet a blanket. 

Ah bless him.

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Annaboo said...

That cake looks gorgeous. Am feeling hungry now...
That's a lovely idea about making the Korknisse to commemorate special things.
Have a great weekend.