Sunday, 21 August 2011

Meet me on a Monday - week 3

This week I am actually in Canada but I wanted to join in with Clare's "meet me on a Monday". I know it says above that I posted this on Sunday but I know that it is Monday in the UK so I thought it would be okay.

So here goes (I can't post pictures but might add them when I get home).

1. wearing a dress. Not exactly normal for me but I am in a different country, it is hot and I have just been to the theatre.

2. watching Billy Elliot the musical in Toronto.

3. visiting the Toronto Blue Jays baseball stadium to hopefully get a top for Small.

4. eating aeroplane food (ummm nice) later on the way home.

5. reading about how to stop scratching mosquito bites. Ouch.

6. dreaming of coming home and seeing my two beautiful boys.

This is them at Pizza Express after we got home

Why not pop over to and play along. Leave me a comment here too so I can have a nosey at what you are doing.

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Jumbleberries said...

Thanks for joining in with Meet Me on Monday. Love the fact the post is from Canada - international jet-setter! Thanks for sharing. xx