Friday, 6 April 2012

Clown Chicken finished

I have been knitting a Clown Chicken for my friend's birthday (who incidentally is a clown!).

Well here she is (the chicken).

Her favourite colours are yellow and white, so I striped the body.

I added a red beak-nose. Glasses and flowers.

I added bells on her body in different colours and various buttons.

And of course, the chicken posed outside on the tree. Well why not?

Now here is a picture of my friend just so you can see why I made it the way I did.

Is there a small likeness? Maybe?


Annie said...

That really has made me smile. Thanks you for sharing it....brilliant :-)
A x

Anonymous said...

OK, thats adorable!!!!

famfa said...

Thanks Annie, I like people smiling x
Thanks Laurie x

Annaboo's House said...

Ha ha ha!
I wasn't expecting the likeness to be so exact!
Love it.
Happy Easter to you.

famfa said...

Thanks Annaboo, I tried x

CottonSocks said...

Hi Famfa, that is adorable and has given me even more ideas to adapt chickens. I have made a couple more since you left for Canada but the crafting bug has still got me. Hope you are all happy and well, love CherylD x

famfa said...

Thank you Cheryl. Glad to inspire. Yes we are all well and happy thank you. Keep crafting x

Mrs A. said...

The likness is spot on!!!!!! Hugs Miss April.

famfa said...

Thanks mrs a, she's easy to replicate