Sunday, 1 April 2012

Elmo Cake

My Smallest requested an Elmo cake this year for his fifth birthday. Since moving to Canada I have had trouble baking. Different flours, different, butters, different ovens. Anyway here goes:-

I made two 1litre pudding bowl vanilla cakes and two chocolate sandwich 7" cakes

Got a Huffle to mix some Orios into some vanilla buttercream and then we added a bit of cocoa powder. Give it some more oomph.

Sandwiched them all together! Added bits of cake on sides for arms.


Made a butter icing which I tried to colour red but dark pink was the best could manage. I daren't put anymore in, not with kids eating it - they are hyper enough without extra help!

Got some red fondant and pressed it through a playdoh squeezer.


Made some eyes (white fondant with a chocolate chip), nose (white fondant dipped in orange moulding wafers melted) and mouth (painted on dark chocolate).


We ran out of fondant, it could have taken loads more as you can still see the pink underneath but I think you get the general idea.

Will be eating this tomorrow.





Mary Ann said...

Famfa..have you checked out Michael's for cake making stuff? I know they have all kinds of molds and decorations etc. because I know someone who took a cake decorating class at one of their stores. I thought you might ne interested:)

Annie said...

What a brilliant effort. I'm certain the kids will love it.
A x

Jumbleberries said...

Fab cake! Wish I was there to enjoy it with you all!

Have fun.

Jumbleberries xx

famfa said...

Mary Ann - I haven't been to michaels yet but it is definitely on my list of things to do. Thanks.

Annie - thanks, they did. Cake was a bit dry though, butter icing was your. Need to practice more.

Jumbleberries - wish you were here too x

CottonSocks said...

Elmo looks brilliant and thanks for the step-by-step insight. Bet he tasted delicious and I hope smallest had a lovely 5th Birthday xxx

famfa said...

Cheryl. Cake was not up to normal standards. Bit dry. But will persevere. He had a lovely birthday thank you x