Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Woyww #154 a new monkey

Yay it's Wednesday, the time to share what is on work desks all around the world. Started by Julia over at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com.

This was my desk this morning when Smallest decided he wanted to do some crafting
He is decorating Easter hangings! He started them at Easter and then forgot about them, I put them away, he remembered he hadn't finished so I had to find them! He made a lovely job.
......and this is my desk after some work. A pile of books and magazines, an old photo of me and my mum (I was showing Smallest), my sewing basket and Huffle's Skinky (sock monkey)........,,,,,,
Huffle bought me this book for Mothers Day. I love it. I have made a Dollar Bill Vikings Helmet and a leaping leopard frog. It really leaps too! What will I make next?
Two more socks ready to make another sock monkey for Small, he chose his own socks to use, not a pair but they kind of go, and my new wool and crochet hook ready for Annaboo's CAL (Crochet a long).

This is the sock monkey I am making for Smallest. He chose the socks and the buttons and has already named him Skunky and he loves him so!

Grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee and go and see what you can find on other people's desk. It may take a while though, there are a lot out there.





Annie said...

Love the choice of socks for the latest monkey....bet your little man can't wait for you to finish it.
A x #53

Debbie said...

Your origami looks fab - I've never had much success with it! Great sock colour, look forward to seeing the finished monkey!

Debbie x

Twiglet said...

I really love your sock monkeys. I have never made a monkey so maybe I will give it a go! x Jo

Anonymous said...

At least Smallest will be all ready for next Easter! Love the sock monkey's, looks like a lot of fun!

Brenda 110 (you're 112)

kay said...

hi,thanks for visiting me,not sure why you cant see the words on my blog but re the 2nd pic was all the stuff my son had dumped in craft room whilst he paints his room :(
your son looks like he is following you in the crafting side
have a fab woyww
kay #22

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Your Smallest made good choices for his sock monkey. Love seeing littles crafting. #130

Bridget Larsen said...

So a sock monkey is made from a real sock, I would never have known. thought everyone knitted it lol. How is the move to Canada going?
Bridget #12

Lynn Holland said...

Thanks for visiting the Doodly Birds and your lovely comments and I like your cheeky monkeys
Lynn 32
One I made earlier today

Bernice said...

Lots of exciting things going on here this week - I've been meaning to make sock toys with my lower primary children for ages - looks like fun!
Bernice (145)

Angie said...

Your space always makes me happy and have smile. Love the monkey and your smallest. xx

Queen Of Toys said...

I just love it when the children want to craft as well. Mine still does and she is nearly 18. Love the sock monkey in the making.

Happy crafting
Eliza #19

Princess Judy Palmer said...

These sock monkeys are darling and not at all creepy like those other sock monkeys. That is so sweet that the kiddo picked out his own socks and wants to craft. I love the enthusiasm of children and the fact that they won't be bothered that it isn't Easter time-let's color those eggs anyway!

Julia Dunnit said...

Not surprised that the sock monkey is already loved, he looks great! Lovely colour of the CAl wool, what will it all become?