Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Woyww #156 - armless monkey, one and half legged doll and two socks

That's exactly what's on my very hot, airless workdesk today........

My IPad is sitting there with instructions, a new bag of buttons which I love, some free knitting patterns I picked up at Michaels when I went today to get some more stuffing, stitch markers, two new stamps (for stamping on stones found at the beach). Sewing box, Skinky the sock monkey, knitting needle bag, and a puppet that Smallest bought for himself (how simple - maybe I could make some myself!). My knitting bag (honestly it is sooooo hot and humid up here, I normally just stuff everything I need into my bag and wander over the house and outside till I find a nice place to sit and crochet).

I have been following the very talented Annaboo @ Annaboo's House where she has been doing a weekly Crochet A Long. It's been great fun, I have learnt so much and I have created a Monkey that, at the moment, has no arms or ears and a doll that has half a leg and two arms and hair missing. That's the next part which I haven't started yet.

I made the Monkey on a size 5mm hook and cotton wool (not the kind you wipe your eye make up off with obviously, a wool that is cotton!) and the doll is much more dainty on a size 4mm hook. I can't wait to get on with the rest. Poor Small has been waiting for his sock monkey for ages, he's the only one not got one. His socks are there on the desk waiting. Just a bit longer Small, I promise.

What's on your workdesk? This wonderful weekly get together of lots of desk from all around the world is brought to you by Julia @ Stamping Ground? Grab your coffee and a biscuit and have a good blog hop - honestly, I pick up lots of tips and ideas from doing it - takes hours though.



Annie said...

So many fab projects on the go....just never quite enough hours in the day is there? :-)
Happy 3rd WOYWW birthday.
A x #89

Anonymous said...

It has been stinking hot recently hasn't it? I'm used to the heat more than I was when I first came here but it does tire you out. Lots of things on the go, but I would have thought anything with wool would just make your hands sweaty and you'd feel hotter! Nice to see your first foray into stamps and ink!

Brenda 127 (you're 128)

Twiglet said...

Its been a bit hot for knitting this week but I managed a jumper for the fish n chip babies in the cool of the evening. Happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary.
Have a great week. x Jo

Belinda said...

Ok I am loving the monkey. I so wish I could make things like that. I am a basic knitter. Thanks for sharing.

If you have time come play on my desk.


Your desk makes me smile! Too much fun!

Helen said...

Your desk is full of fun! Happy WOYWW, Helen @8

Ali H said...

Such fun things you've shared this week - sorry you are melting - is it very different there to what we have in the UK ? We are even having nice weather in Wales this week which makes a change ! have a happy crafty week ! Ali #47

Lisa Richards said...

I love your cute little crocheted monkey and doll! I've got to learn to crochet someday!

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great WOYWW!

Anonymous said...

What little sweeties on your desk this week!
Judy #51

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy WOYWW!!
Sorry, the button didn't do the trick for you... :( Would you please email me your address anyway as soonish I will have something to send (not UJ bunting, I'm afraid, run out of fabric...)as you have been one of my consistent supporters since I started and I'm grateful!
Fun, happy desk - am in awe of your crochet skills!!
Hugs, LLJ #65 xx

Peggy said...

wish I could crochet! love your little critters! I especially like you little spotted monster puppet too stinkin' cute have a great week

April said...

Cute creations! Hope they find their limbs soon :o) Happy WoYwW 3rd Anniversary! and here's to many more :o) April #93 x

Craftgirl said...

I love all your makes.Great workspace you have there.
Happy WOYWW 3rd Anniversary.
Thanks for visiting me.


Joanne said...

I just love your space, so bright and cheerful. Also, I reckon armless monkeys are the best - can't get into trouble!!!!
Hugs Joanne xx

Daniella said...

Those are so cute!! The one missing half a leg and arms looks cute as he is!!
Happy WOYWW!
xxDaniella #133

Angie said...

I smiled at your heading and thought ...'how perfect,what else would she have?' lol
.Happy 3rd woyww birthday

Bridget Larsen said...

They are absolutely cute. I would like to send you one of my ATCs if you could give me your snail mail bridget.larsen@gmail.com
Bridget #25

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are one crocheting busy lady. Happy belated 3rd WOYWW Anniversary from #2.

dottielottie said...

I see you are still busy with the crochet. Luvin the new guys you are making.When I visited you last time I went off to look at your all fabby cakes. You sure are one busy lady.
wishing you a fun weekend.
Lottie x #164

Queenie Jeannie said...

Looks like you have all kinds of fabby projects in the works!! It's quite hot and humid here in Italy too. I wish it would just rain and cool off instead of "threatening" and doing nothing, lol! Enjoy your bank holiday!!!

Whimcees said...


I love the looks of your workdesk - so many fun projects to work on! Wishing you a cozy, comfortable, take it easy kind of SUNDAY! :<)


Barbara Diane

Ali said...

I love your makes! I can't fabric craft for toffee so I'm in awe of those who can. :)

Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW anniversary!

Ali #86