Saturday, 15 September 2012


I joined a knitting group yesterday at a local town. I went in, I didn't know anyone, I had nothing I particularly wanted to knit, but I wanted to meet like minded people and get better at knitting.

In just two hours I learnt how to knit 'in the round' and am on my way to making my first sock.

This is what I am hoping it will look like. And this is what it looks like now......

I have to say I am quite proud of myself. I went into somewhere by myself and forced myself to meet people and learnt something new too.

The wool is gorgeous, if not a little pricey, but then I do normally buy my wool from the Thrifty Shop.

Now I have a problem. I know there are sock knitters out there. I have finished the rib and am now just 'knitting' but it looks like it is inside out. Is it? I vaguely remember the lady next to me saying "make sure you are not knitting it inside out". It is bobbly on the outside and smooth on the inside. Have I done something wrong?


Annaboo said...

Well done you for trying something new!
I'm afraid I'm not a knitter and so cannot advise you on the inside out issue- but it looks great to me!!
Have a great day.

Jumbleberries said...

Get you knitting with three needles at the same time!! Looks very impressive I have to say. And well done for forcing yourself to join a new group.

Wish we were knitting together at the park.

Jumbleberries xx