Friday, 21 September 2012

Round Squares

I am addicted. There I have said it. I crocheted one square,

then another few.....

and then another and before I knew it there were a small pile of them.


I am planning on making a cushion cover. I saw it on Annaboo's House and she posted a link to Blair Wise who had made the same thing and given a tutorial. The tutorial was fabulous and very easy to follow.

This is a great project use up all those old bits of wool.

I can't wait to finish it but I'm not even halfway there yet.



Jumbleberries said...

That is going to be a really cute
cushion cover when you've finished.

Jumbleberries xx

Debbie said...

Wow those crocheted squares have certainly multiplied! Love the pattern and colours!

Debbie x

Annaboo said...

These look fab!
I just love the colours!!
Keep going....!