Sunday, 18 November 2012

Weekend Finishing

Once again, on Saturday, my lovely family decided to let me go off and craft for an hour or so. In reality, I sneaked off while they were doing more important things. Whatever, I picked up my sewing needle and attempted to sew lots of appendages.

I managed to get this finished.....

He is called Strimpy. He is an imp and I got the pattern from the lovely Annaboo again. She has them for sale and she is so good at writing patterns - so easy to follow.
I used a self striping wool and I think it worked really well. His pointy bit at the top is a bit strange so I am guessing I missed a bit in the pattern.

He's a grumpy little fella.



Angie said...

I think he is sort of cute especially perching in the greenery xx

Debbie said...

Aw, he's sweet, love the positions you've got him sitting in, especially the grumpy folded arms!

Debbie x

505whimsygirl said...

He's a doll!! It looks like he's been having fun in the yard! Did he jump in that leaf pile all by himself?

Thanks for directing me here.