Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WOYWW #182 - Mess and Angel No1

Hello wednesday'ers. How are you this cold November day?

My desk today........

I made some Christmas Bunting. Not in the 'LLJ' league but not bad for a start. Some presents ready to be posted. Small's Cub badges (I must sew them on his top!), a glue stick, some berries (fake) and bells. The big wooden snowflake is something that Smallest has been decorating for me. My sock is there but you can't really see it (I made a heel!). My toys are finished and sewn up and ready to post too.

I am very pleasd with myself, however, I have to stop here until a week on Friday as I don't know how to pick up stitches.


I think that's it! Jo received my Angel, so I can now reveal her to you. I haven't heard about the other one (its gone to a far off land) so I can't show that one yet.

I completely made it up as I went along. I started with her crochet skirt and then added the body and head. I beaded her legs and arms and added a ribbon and button for her wings. I wound a tiara type thing of beads around her head. Huffle named her Dusty because her hair looked like Dusty Springfield (just a tiny bit!). I really surprised myself by making this and entering into the challenge. It was a wonderful idea and I will definitely do it again. The boys wanted me to put her on our tree but I explained it was for someone else. I will have to try and replicate it again now!

Right, that's me done, time to go and look at everyone else's desk now.



Annie said...

I love your little Dusty angel. :-)
A #42
ps hope you 'like' me :-) [see my blog for more info]

Anonymous said...

Ooh look at that sock! I love the heel turn, it happens like magic! There's good videos on the internet for picking up the side stitches if you want to have a go before the knitting club. Smallest is making a good job with that decoration, and I love Dusty, especially her beaded legs and arms! You're number 95 on the list today.

Brenda 94

Tammy said...

Looks like you have a lot's going on today. It's fun to see presents already! Christmas will be here before we know it. Love the colors in your sock! Happy WOYWW! Tammy #96

House of Bears said...

Wow, you are organised. Wrapped pressies already. Well done. Love your angel too.

The bears @#85 this week

Belinda said...

Wow you are really getting a lot done. So pretty.

You look very organized. Something I rarely experience when crafting.

If you find time, stop by my desk.

Belinda (81)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hey, bunting is good!! Do you enjoy making it?? I love it :)
You have my admiration for the sock knitting, that's something I haven't attempted yet...maybe a project for the New Year - am too busy before then!
Your angel is fab, she made me smile. Isn't it wonderful how they're all so different!
Hugs, LLJ #32 xx

JoZart said...

Ah so that,s why she is called Dusty!!! I love her and she has a good new home amongst my heavenly host with her new pals! hanks again. Your,s should be landing very soon as they took to their wings ages ago. lets hope so!
Your desk is looking very festive and lots of fun. S use my typing as I am catching up in Germany and I can't find my iPad stylus so it,s hard to type well.
Love Jo x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow, this is impressive - looking a lot like Christmas! Love your bunting! Glad you've received your angel and that you like her! Chrisx

Ann B said...

Love your angel - so cute. Both of mine went off earlier this week. Well done o nthe sock, Have made one so far, the second is on the needles, and I struggled with the picking up but it looked fine when finished. I like the grey wool, very sophisticated.
Thanks for visiting yesterday and I'm sorry I've only just got round - been finishing one of the boxes on my desk - will blog it later.

Ann B

Robin Spitzer said...

your angel turned out really cute! Loved all the red in the first photo....yep Christmas Month!