Friday, 18 January 2013

Wrist Warmer and a Slipper

Today I went to my knitting group. We all decided to have a go at knitting Nanny Socks. These, apparently, are a very Canadian thing started by Grandmas (Nannys) who made them for her grandchildren. I managed to knit, sew and add a Pom-Pom to one whole slipper.

I will add this pattern to the blog at some point soon. It's so easy (well I finished it in just over two hours).

Also I managed to finish my owl wrist/arm warmer that I was knitting. (I should sew the ends in and sew on some buttons for eyes).

I am really pleased with it. It was supposed to be a beginner knit (for those who wanted a challenge). It certainly isn't a beginner knit but it wasn't too hard. It's lovely Nd chunky and warm and I can't wait to make my next one although my Knitting lady gave me a pattern for a different wrist warmer which I fancy doing too. Maybe I will be a one sock, one glove, one slipper person and NEVER finish the second ones!


1 comment:

Annaboo said...

Love those owl wrist warders!!!
I must learn to knit one day.
Cute slipper too.
It's so difficult to choose between projects, isn't it?!!!
Have a lovely weekend- we've got quite a bit of snow here, so the kids want to go sledging!