Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Woyww #224 - Floor Fings

Today I am joining in with What's on your Workdesk Wednesday. I am not at my usual desk though, as I am cold. I have sat myself downstairs in front of the fire and emptied my bag onto the floor.

So...... A wad of stuffing ready to stuff my little rag doll. A ball of purplish wool for sewing up part of the rag doll. Leftover Leo minus his scarf (do you ike his slightly permed hair?). Another ball of wool making Leo's scarf. Stripey legs of the rag doll. A stuffing stix which fell out of the stuffing bag (I never knew I had one and it will be so useful). A ball of cream wool (not sure why that is there!). Leo's scarf in the middle of being knitted. The rag doll's dress. So annoyed that I ran out of wool with just five rows left so am thinking I might add a button in a contrasting colour and see if I can get away with it. There is a head and some limbs too which need sewing up. I did start a sock last week but I have no idea where it is, maybe on my cold desk!

Right, that's me done. It is actually still Tuesday evening here (Canada) so I am watching the Great British Bake Off whilst eating my homemade cookies and zucchini loaf, yum yum. No photos of it today, sorry.




Anonymous said...

Sitting on the floor with the fire, what're you going to do when it get's cold then??! Hope you can find all your bits when it comes to sewing the right part on the doll. Love the little jumper with the purple shoulder. How about making a tiny purple pocket to go on the lower left side of the dress to balance it out? You're number 15 this week, Julia posted early and I was watching the telly!

Brenda 14

Roberta B said...

hello again... Thanks for the peek and have a great day. Roberta 7

Regina Hamilton said...

I really like your knitting. Happy crafting #1

Jackie said...

Keeping in the warm in front of the fire while knitting and watching the great British bake off ....... Sounds fab!
Jackie 31

Helen said...

At least you have a portable task - enjoy the warmth of the fire. Happy WOYWW, Helen 22

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I laughed at the 'slightly permed hair' !! Aah, that takes me back to the 80's, when I spent loadsa money on having Big Hair....which I adored..... Happy days!!
I think Brenda's suggestion of the little purple pocket is good. The alternative is to undo the dress back to a safe point and do the whole section in a contrast colour.
Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

Ria Gall said...

Hi Famfa
your desk on the floor in front of the fire looks like a good place for you to be now the cold weather is here.
Look forward to seeing your project finished so I will be back
Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
Ria #61

Annie said...

All snug in front of the fire sounds like my sort of crafting. Enjoy.
A x # 64

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a super, cosy post!!! I can just imagine you nice and warm in front of the fire with all those lovely crafty bits and pieces and some homemade goodies! I love that little doll and the hair is fab! Lovely post!!! Julie Ann #45

Neil said...

Loving having a peek at your world today. It all looks like fun from here.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week.

Candace said...

Thanks for sharing your creative crafty space and hope you have a great weekend

Candace #60

Tertia said...

For some reason my puter refuses to let me look at your photo. Very rude, because it sounds so interesting!
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #40

ike said...

Egads !!! A fire already ??!!!
Leftover Leo is coming along nicely... he just makes me smile a lot :-D


IKE in Greece #49

Andrea said...

sounds like your in the perfect spot to keep warm..glad to hear leo is progressing well. not sure about zuchinni loaf though! have fab week Andrea#47

Sarah Leonard said...

I hope your cold gets better - next to the fire is the best place for you I'd say.

I've always fancied the idea of either living in or visiting Canada. I think I'd visit Newfloundland.

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

Ded Tedz Bed said...

Your rag doll is so sweet! Such a shame about running out of yarn but I wouldn't know if you hadn't said. I love her hair! MMx #107

Cazzy said...

I wish I could sit on the floor, but a few minutes and I would be in agony and have to get up, if I could get down in the first place!

I was looking for my wadding for a little owl I started to crochet, couldn't immediately find it so gave up, I must go look again.

Cazzy x #95

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Me again! You were right, the sign does indeed say that and guess who gave it to me? Yep, Mrs Dunnit herself!!
LLJ xx

April Story said...

Now I am hungry for zucchini bread. I can't wait to see your finished rag doll. April #115