Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend Finishings

Well I finally got my socks finished.

These are the ones that started with 'Judy's Magic Cast On' which looks really complicated but is very easy and is just a flick of the wrist with twisting. It makes for a very neat toe with no seam and so much easier than the Kitchener Graft.

I used a self striping sock yarn on two circular needles, which was a first for me but again much easier than the normal four needles, especially when you do the heel as you just leave one needle and work on the other.

This one also had two cables running up. You can see on the left one I missed a few cables (well it is only the second time I have EVER done cables) but I got it right on the other one. They are for me so I wasn't too fussy. You may also notice the cable doesn't go to the top because I just forgot on one and thought I should do the same on the other.

I found these socks very calming until I went wrong and then they became the worst thing I had ever knitted. I don't love them, they are a bit baggy at the top but at least I learnt a few things doing them.

I do love the colour.

Right, now to finish off some other things.


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