Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Woyww #241 - a roving we go

Hello What's on your Workdesk Wednesdayers, hope this post finds you all well, safe, warm (not too warm) and dry.

I haven't been at my desk this week as I have been knitting my sock on my lap mainly whilst watching TV.

So my desk isn't much different from last week apart from the finished sock no1 from last week and sock no2 is well on its way.

My lovely Cath Kidston knitting bag full of gorgeous Angora Bunny wool. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet. Finished sock poking out of the top trying to escape before I stick my stinky foot in it ha! My Zentangle pen, there is a zentangle but it is hiding under my sock. Not sure what that black hooky thing is.

I think the rovings are supposed to be a bit tighter so I probably need to pull them through a little more but they are very cosy and I already have a request from Smallest to make a pair for him in Green and Orange!

Have a lovely week and just to make you hungry a photo of the bread Moo and I made today to go with our Leek and Potato soup.

It is a wholewheat many seeded bread. Yum yum.



Annie said...

That bread looks so yummy...its' been ages since I made any [this diet of mine doesn't really allow fresh bread]. Those socks look sooooo cosy.
A x # 44

Anonymous said...

I love fresh bread, one of the nicest things in the whole world IMO. That sock will definitely keep you warm!

You're linked, number 75.

Brenda 74

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Your tootsies are going to be sooooo snugly in those socks? I hope that the wool is lovely and soft. You made me laugh just noticing the black hooky thing....how do random things like that appear? I haven't even got the excuse of small kids anymore :-)
Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

Andrea said...

I love those socks fab colour too and that bread looks delicious if I close my eyes I can just imagine I can smell it.. a life with no carbs is not for me I hope it tasted as good as it looks have fab week and cozy toes crafty hugs Andrea #17

Krisha said...

Fab socks and I can smell that bread clear over here!
Krisha #26

Sharon Madson said...

I can smell that bread!!! Lovely knitted projects, too. Happy WOYWW!

trisha too said...

The sock definitely looks cozy--and that bread, YUM!!!

My daughter used to save her bunnies' hair "to make something with," not sure what ever happened to that!

#87 this week with
transfer images

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh yum..fresh bread...and seeded...I could eat the lot! I love the socks - what a fab colour combo and aren't they just plain fun!

April Story said...

Now I am hungry. And your socks are adorable. Love the colors - lime green and blue. April #85

Tertia said...

Leek and Potato soup with yummy bread? Now I am really hungry.
Sock is looking good!
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #77