Friday, 9 February 2018

A spot of pottering

Five weeks ago, I started a new course for wheel Pottery.  I have spent many a week hand building, which I love, but throwing pots on the wheel is something I only tried briefly about twenty years ago and I wasn’t very good at it.

So I joined a new class which has many wheels and a fabulous teacher and last week I think it all clicked into place.  I can now throw a pot, not the exact shape or size I want, but throw it I can.  So far in my five weeks (which totals fifteen hours) I have thrown six pots.  Three of which have been fired and are awaiting glazing, two I trimmed today and one is hardening.  I have also made several stamps for my initials on the bottom of the hand building pieces that I haven’t created yet.

My teacher wearing my newly sewn potters apron (from my lovely friend) and some of my pots and stamps

During my first week, my husband sent me a photo of KeithBrymerJones crying (from the GreatPotteryThrowdown)

Anyway, I’m having a ball at Pottery.  Next weeek I will be glazing and trimming and throwing more pots hopefully.  

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pearshapedcrafting said...

I remember you doing the hand built pottery - you really must be having fun! Looking good!Chrisx