Thursday, 22 February 2018

So many makes to show for this week.

Small was off from school on Friday and I made chocolate chip cookies from my new Canadian Baking Book from Christmas.  They were a success.

Small decided to have a go at making something from the book too.  His was a chocolate Genoise.  Very good.

I made two Rye and Spelt breads and both didn’t rise in the oven despite following the instructions perfectly.  To be completely honest I did poke one before it went into the oven and it deflated slightly, but the second one came out no different.  They tasted good but just didn’t look like the photo.  I have sent a message to Paul Hollywood but as yet I haven’t had a response.

Tonight I finished my Sheep.  He has turned out so much bigger than I originally wanted and I have no idea what to do with him now.  MissHorse (my knitting lesson girl) should finish hers next week
as she was starting to se it up on Wednesday.

Little one on the right is the size it should be.

Also today I went to my 7th Pottery class.  I glazed two pots to see how the colours came out.  I waxed the bottom of nine others.  I made a funny little pot to put Smallests Moontorch in and threw two pots on the wheel.  I will have so many pots at the end!!!!!  I’m already starting to think about registering for the next course.

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Your baking looks delicious! I have had mixed results with the heavier flour breads and I'm sure I do the same thing each time! Your sheep looks a cheeky one! I hope you can decide where to put him! The moon pot looks great, you certainly have made a lot! Have a great weekend!Chrisx