Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bunnies, Bananas and Brushstrokes


Another of my friends has had a baby - another girl - and I knitted a rabbit for her.  This one has pink fleece ears and feet.  This also has chick peas in its bottom but as they live in this country I thought I might get away with it this time.  This was a fairly easy one to knit but the fleece was hand sewn (which I never find an easy task).

 Welcome to the world Baby Snow. 


I borrowed a cookery book from a friend last week and decided to make "Chocolate Banana Loaf".  This is a big favourite of mine because our bananas always go brown (I've realised that I'm the only one in the house eating bananas but yet I still buy for the whole family!).
I left out the nuts (I'm not a fan).  This is definately a cake and not a bread but it is baked in a loaf tin.  When it first comes out of the oven, it is moist, with a lovely crunchy top and the chocolate melts in your mouth.  When you let it cool and leave it in an airtight container it loses some of it's initial lovliness but it is still yummy.  Not too bananary (is that a word?) and not too sweet.  The book suggests that you eat it with cream cheese or chocolate spread.  I personally don't think you need anything on it. 


Small asked if I would paint him a canvas for his bedroom.  Small and Smallest both had canvasses for Easter - much more healthy than an Easter Egg - besides they had more than enough.
His bedroom is Spaceman themed and he wanted a Robot.  He is very happy with the results.

I have started another canvas for him but it is not finished yet.


Oh No! I haven't picked up that cardigan that I was knitting!  Sorry Mum. 
Still haven't finished Elmo. (Still only knitted one leg).
Haven't even started the Minion (Whoops forgot).
Finish off Small's robot canvas number 2.

My excuse - The kids were off from school and there was a Royal Wedding to watch.

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Emma said...

Wow..please make me a birthday cake!!they look yummy.