Friday, 30 March 2012

Birthday Preparations

Yesterday was the start of the Birthday Preparations for Smallest's 5th birthday.


Mix up the butter, sugar, eggs and flour. Wheeeeeeeeeee.

Add plenty of cake cases............ Not pink ones though, cos they're for girls!!!!!


And while I watch TV, Mummy magicked these little beauties..........

Which closer up looked like...........


Mini vanilla sponges with Betty Crocker piped BLUE (would normally make my own but what with Small being ill and family issues back home, nothing went quite to plan). Two mini marshmallows with a blob of melted chocolate for eyes. Half a mini cookie for cookie in mouth. I forgot to say that they were supposed to be Mini Cookie Monsters. These have been made for Smallest's class and teacher. Hope they like them. I had to make a special journey to deliver them because I didn't trust him with a tin of cakes. I could just imagine him throwing them around on the bus.

I am still having trouble with ingredients and ovens over here. Everything seems to cook from the bottom up. So stuff burns on the bottom without colouring much on top! I was used to a fan oven in England and this is just an electric that has an element on the bottom but I'll crack it one day!

I have stocked up on ingredients and supplies in Bulk Barn ready for more deliciousness tomorrow and Sunday.



Jumbleberries said...

These look great - what a clever mum (or is it mom now?) you are! Bet these went down a treat at school.

Is it odd though that I am slightly nervous of blue food? Tee hee.

Jumbleberries xx

famfa said...

I too am nervous of blue but what can you do when cookie monster is requested? It is still mummy , not mom yet!