Saturday, 31 March 2012

Finished Piñata

Hurrah. We finished the piñata for Smallest's Party tomorrow.

I have already put some photos on but I am going to start from scratch.

Made a glue from flour and water. Carefully measured and then just poured water in as it was too thick. Should be two cups of one and one of the other, not sure which way round though. Ripped strips of newspaper. Blew up two balloons. Added strips of paper soaked in glue and stuck to balloon.


Did three coats letting each one dry thoroughly.

Good tip is to use a diffent coloured paper for each layer so you know where you have been. Popped balloon and took them out.
Cut holes in one balloon, one at the top and then one at the bottom. Added candy and toys. Sealed up top hole. Cut a hole in the top of second balloon. Stuck top balloon to bottom balloon

Scrunched up some paper to make google eyes and stuck them to the top. More strips of paper to attach the two together securely.

Once completely dry and hard, painted. Left to dry.

Added strips of tissue paper to make it look like fur?!!

Painted a mouth and then I covered over the mouth becuase I didn't like it and gave then Cookie Monster a bit of a hair cut.


I tied a piece of string around the 2nd layer of the paper and papered over the top but the string fell out somewhere so now I may have trouble hanging it from a tree. Perhaps a good idea might be to tie the string round on the first layer and securely paper over the top. I'm not too bothered it breaks straight away, they can just bash it where it falls. I think we are planning to give them a foam baseball bat! I'll try and remember to take photos of the debris.


Debbie said...

The cookie monster pinata is fab! Hope all goes well with the party!

Debbie x

Mary Ann said...

Well done...hope it breaks okay:)

Jumbleberries said...

Thanks for sharing how you made your Pinata. Me and the kids are going to have a go at making an Easter Egg shaped one this week ready for our family party on Sunday. Did yours break ok?

Jumbleberries xx