Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WOYWW #192 - hearts, nimps and a limp!

Wednesday - day to show your desk as per woyww hostess Julia.

IPad with Radio One playing over the Internet. My resident Monkies (last week someone thought one was a mouse!). Slippers and slippers pattern (attempting to post pattern). Zentangle. Lovely colourful crochet hooks. Chocolate, sock (actually been working on it today, planning on this being finished by next Wednesday - ha ha ha ha, we'll see!).

My ideas book with a pattern for hearts and some I made today with different hooks and different wool. I found a fabulous pattern that is really easy to follow, plus a video which you can find here.

Some material that I am making into Bunting for Smallest's room. It is Batman material and I found it at the Thrifty shop.

I finished my wrist warmers and have been warming my wrists with them. I still haven't made the Pom-Pom for my slippers - should be going to my knitting group this Friday so hopefully will finish it there.

At Christmas I was busy trying to finish the Imps from AnnaboosHouse for my two little Imps. I finished one and told Small he was an Imp. He heard "this is a Nimp". Hence he calls him Nimpy. Yesterday we realised one of his legs is shorter than the other (Nimpy not Small) so we now call him Limpy Nimpy.

Small sleeps with him and he already looks loved and worn!

The other Imp I'm afraid only has one leg. (I wanted to finish but ran out of time and now Smallest won't let me - he loves him as he is). His name is Army Man because his leg was cut off by a sword in a battle (Smallest's words). Bless.

Here are some more hearts I made but sent them as a Christmas Present.

I put the paperclip in to show how teeny tiny the smallest heart was. I used embroidery thread and a very small hook.



Shazsilverwolf said...

I think that might have been me with the mouse comment, lol. Please apologise to poor monkey & blame it on my eyesight, :)Love the one legged imp- he is so cool. Have a great week, Hugs,xx Shaz #74

Anonymous said...

If you head a thud that was me just fainting in shock at the thought that the sock might be finished soon!! Love the Imps! Especially the stories behind their names! Very pretty hearts too, that small one is really tiny, but don't let them distract you from the sock, lol!!

Brenda 115 (You're 116)

Tamika said...

I like the grey yarn you chose to make the warmers! Seeing your coffee/tea? I need another cup!Tamika #125

Debbie said...

The imps are so sweet, and you've got lots of lovely things on your desk - I like to see chocolate and a cuppa to accompany crafting!

Debbie x

Andrea said...

LOL fab post love the one legged imp army man is a great name ! .I have one eared bear rescued from a muddy puddle he had been burned and dumped !!! poor bear. those hearts are so sweet what a fab skill to have hop eto vvit again for more.I hope you have a great week happy WOYWW Andrea #77

Gita said...

Aww, those imps are too cute. Busy desk. Brigita #136

April Story said...

You Nimp Imps are too cute. Isn't it great the imagination children have. :-) April #133